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A Funder’s Perspective: The Journey to Grantmaking

I thought it would be helpful to let you peek into our foundation office and watch part of the grantmaking process. This is what happens when we receive the grant request your organization spent so much time putting together.

The Impact of Form 1023-EZ

On July 1, 2014, the IRS released Form 1023-EZ (Streamlined Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code). The purpose of this form is to make it easier for smaller charities to apply for and receive tax-exempt status.

Why I emailed hundreds of colleagues about GuideStar

Like many of you, I've used GuideStar
in the past to research and familiarize myself with the nonprofits I plan to work with. In my position, I connect nonprofits for mutually beneficial partnerships. I have held many positions within various nonprofits: everything from board member to president to volunteer. Only recently did I realize the full potential of GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles.  

Trends in Government Contracting Survey: Have Your Say to Win a $200 Donation to Your Nonprofit!

Across the country, jurisdictions at all levels are exploring new ways of contracting for social services.

The Nonprofit Communicator's Guide to GuideStar

Effective media relations isn’t always about proactively pitching your organization’s story to reporters and editors.

It’s also about making sure you are curating the right information in the places where reporters hang out to gather information.

New Discussion Section in the GuideStar Community

Have you noticed something new
in the GuideStar Community? We’ve added a discussion section. Are you looking to share a news article or blog post? Do you have volunteer needs or open positions you're looking to fill? Will you be attending a conference or webinar you’d like others to know about? Start a discussion to spark a conversation about it. Do you want to engage with others who care about nonprofits? Reply to discussions already posted.

The Next Generation of Nonprofit Data Standards

Our current moment in the human story is often called the age of information. And indeed, we are too-often overwhelmed by the torrent of data coursing through our lives. As a society, we have developed many tools to organize the information we rely on every day. The Dewey Decimal System helps libraries organize books. UPC codes help stores organize their products. Nutrition labels help to present information about food ingredients and nutritional value (or lack thereof) in a way that’s consistent and predictable.

Dude, what’s with this notion that nonprofits don’t have clear outcomes?


How Have Organizations That Depend on Government Grants Fared?  Part 2

In a previous post, I started looking at how organizations that received at least 20 percent of their revenue from government grants in 2003 were holding up in 2013.  I noted that although government grants had increased at roughly the same rate as inflation over the ten years (around 27%), about half of the organizations had increased revenue at greater than the inflation rate.  In this post, I will detail my attempts to understand why some organizations did better than others.