Danger, Will Grantmaker or DAF! Don't Use GuideStar Premium or GuideStar Pro to Verify Grant and Distribution Recipients

GuideStar Premium vs. GuideStar Pro

Two questions:

  1. Do you use GuideStar Premium or GuideStar Pro to verify a nonprofit's eligibility to receive grants and charitable distributions?
  2. Are you acting on behalf of a private foundation, community foundation, or other sponsor of donor-advised funds?

Be One of the First to Try GuideStar’s New Nonprofit Search

Most people visit GuideStar to search our Nonprofit Profiles. Together, our users search the database 1.1 million times a month. The database search is a vital part of the user experience.

Our current search was state of the art when we launched it 10 years ago. Although we’ve tweaked and refined it, it’s showing its age. And it can’t hold a candle to searches on sites such as Google, Kayak, and Amazon.

That’s why we’ve spent the last year rebuilding the GuideStar search.  We’ve tested and revised it internally, and now we’re ready to test it in the real world.

Quid Pro Quo: The Fastest Way to Deaden Your Board


How to Use Corporate Philanthropy Across Your Fundraising Strategies

3 reasons to utilize your relationships with private foundations

The Brief
When soliciting grants from foundations, it's tempting to go for the deepest pockets first. But nonprofits who focus on size only are missing out on a major source of funding, and it's easier to come by than they think. 

Seven Ways a Board Member Can Support His or Her Executive Director and Organization

Become a better fundraiser by liberating your creative side

Fundraising is a creative business.  Dashboards, metrics, and SMART outcomes are all important, but essentially we are in the business of transforming relationships, one donor at a time.  Here are a few tips about keeping the creative juices flowing.

An Unexpected Career: Building Plumbing for Philanthropy

I’ve spent a decade as plumber.  It was the spring of 2006 when I joined the Hewlett Foundation, my professional home before GuideStar.  These last 10 years I’ve been driven by a common purpose: building plumbing for smart philanthropy.  At Hewlett and at GuideStar I’ve been working to support those that pipe good information—about organizations and grants; about practices and insights—to help drive effectiveness in philanthropy and the nonprofit sector.

When It Comes to Fundraising, Volunteers Get It Right ... and Sometimes Wrong

Not all volunteers are alike, of course, but many share misconceptions when it comes to fundraising. I could point to several dozen as I do in my book, The Busy Volunteer’s Guide to Fundraising. But here, I’ll focus on three that rear their heads time and again in my training sessions with boards and committees across America. 

Why Can’t the Nonprofit and Philanthropic Sector Scale Generosity? #givedaylessons

What Happened on Give Local America Day?

For the past few years, I’ve been facilitating a peer learning group with a small cohort of grantees, all community foundations, hosting Giving Days in their communities using the Giving Day Playbook. The activities for this community of practice included regular conference calls primarily for the cohort, webinars for a broader audience of community foundations, and an online safe space open to any community foundation hosting a giving day to share knowledge and tips with colleagues.