Eventbrite is going on the road!

The following is a guest post by Laura Coltrin, nonprofit marketing manager at Eventbrite.

Eventbrite is putting on a series of free, interactive workshops to help nonprofits master social media to maximize their fundraising potential.

Laura Coltrin

Laura Coltrin

In addition to this fun and enlightening workshop, a free breakfast will be included. There will be a short presentation providing insights on social media, fundraising, and event planning to help make your next event a huge success. There will also be time for networking with other top NPO thought leaders in your community.

Locations and dates:

Join us for this free, interactive workshop and learn:

  • How to use Facebook, Twitter and other tools to maximize results for nonprofit and fundraising events
  • Practical social media recommendations to implement before, during, and after your event
  • How to use scheduling, analysis, and optimization tools to help you work more efficiently and drive performance
  • How to use Eventbrite to crush your event fundraising goals!

Click on the links above to sign up – tickets are limited!

Laura Coltrin is an accomplished online marketing professional with expertise in
social networking, search marketing, and web analytics. Currently, Laura is a
category marketing manager focused on nonprofit growth at Eventbrite and an
advisory board member for the Online Marketing Institute

2 responses to “Eventbrite is going on the road!

  1. When you say interactive workshop, do you mean a truly hands on type of training vs. presentation style?


  2. Thanks for your comment. Laura Coltrin is traveling but asked that I respond: There will be a short presentation, followed by Q&A, and time for networking. Hope that helps!


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