Saving Time with Simplify


You know the drill all too well: Every time you apply for a grant on behalf of your organization, you are reinventing the wheel. Because each grant application is different and foundations use a variety of software platforms, your nonprofit’s information is not transferable. At best, you are copying and pasting basic information from another form to a new application; at worst,  you have to start from scratch. Who has the time for that? It takes up critical energy and precious resources. Well, we’re thrilled to announce that there’s a solution for that, and it’s called Simplify:

We partnered with the Technology Affinity Group (TAG) to develop this new, free process–Simplify–which eliminates the repetitive elements of grant applications, so you can spend time advancing your mission rather than completing unnecessary paperwork. Bottom-line: Simplify is a seamless, automated information flow allowing funders and nonprofits to focus less on process and more on purpose.

How can you benefit?

Nonprofits can utilize Simplify by entering their core information into the free GuideStar Exchange and maintaining it there. The GuideStar Exchange already connects nonprofits like yours with millions of current and potential supporters. It also enables you to key in your organization’s data once and update it in one place. Simplify enables that information to then be automatically added to every grant application that you complete for any participating funder. When grantees complete online applications, they can include this core information with one click. A funder can also pull a grantee’s core data from the Simplify interface into the funder’s grants management system.

The next steps for Simplify

Simplify will begin with core information that most grantmakers need from applicants. Over time, it will expand to include additional information. GuideStar and TAG are creating a standards-setting body that will manage the standards for Simplify data and determine which additional information should be added to the Simplify database over time. This body will include representatives from TAG, GuideStar, funders, vendors, and sector-wide organizations.

Get started today!

We are truly excited about Simplify and we invite you to participate in the GuideStar Exchange today to begin managing your data for free: For more information about Simplify, please visit

How do you anticipate this will help? What do you want the standards to look like? What are your questions about Simplify? Let us know in the comments below!

One response to “Saving Time with Simplify

  1. Here at the Standards for Excellence Institute, we’re always thrilled to hear that funders and data aggregators are making it easier for nonprofits to meet their mission and focus on the work that is most important.

    We would like to point out that the Institute already has in place sector-wide Standards and benchmarks for nonprofits, which are applicable to nonprofits of all sizes, types, and missions. We agree that there is no need to reinvent the wheel, and we would suggest that TAG and Guidestar partner with the Institute rather than starting from scratch and creating something new.

    The Standards for Excellence benchmarks cover all areas of an organization’s operations including (1) Mission, Strategy, and Evaluation; (2) Leadership; (3) Ethics and Legal Compliance; (4) Finance and Operations; (5) Resource Development and Fundraising; and (6) Public Awareness, Engagement, and Advocacy. (These are the top categories for our soon to be released Standards for Excellence version 2.0 benchmarks. Our current Standards are available for review at

    Setting standards and benchmarks is important, and the work that has already been done in this area should be a jumping off point utilized to strengthen the entire sector.


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