Our first Impact Call: We want your feedback

Impact Call FINAL

On Monday, February 24, at 2 pm ET, we are holding the first ever Impact Call. If you haven’t registered yet, we hope you that you do: http://npo.gs/impactcall1

What Do You Think?

Before, during, or after the call we’d love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below to ask questions that you want answered during the call, or to let us know what you think about the idea or our call itself, or for anything else you want to say.

We look forward to connecting with you soon!


18 responses to “Our first Impact Call: We want your feedback

  1. Excellent! Very validating for me. I have long been a proponent of using more real time forecasting metrics like ROO and ROR. ROI is at best an evaluative metric in our digital, virtual environment. RFP’s, Philanthropic proposals and most other fund source requests are due six months before you ever see your 990.


  2. The call was a great first step. I think more non-profits should be doing it not only for more timely reporting but to be able to present their impact. And our goal should be moving beyond outputs to outcomes.


  3. Fabulous and incredibly impactful. WELL DONE!!! We look forward to assisting our humanitarian organizations integrate with the new services and with helping them understand the key message of “Stories with Numbers” …


  4. Excellent 1st call. Making more data/narrative on programs available for the call could enhance understanding and produce relevant questions on programmtic outcomes. Thank you for taking the 1st step.


  5. Thank you for the great conversation. The idea of bridging the data with stories is something I will be incorporating into our annual report. Guidestar has always been responsive and accessible to our non-profit and as you strive for transparency and greater responsiveness to donors, you help us achieve those same things. Thank you again.


  6. It’s great to see the increased effectiveness of GuideStar, and do eagerly anticipate your planned updates and strategic alliances. I do hope that you will have a call on how organizations can effectively implement and utilize Charting Impact.


  7. Good work. The call was clearly structured, data (and story) rich and thus both credible and engaging. It would be interesting to see who else might help broaden the pilot (and thus the opportunity for learning for the broader sector) if a how-to was made available.


  8. What an excellent call, and more evidence that GuideStar always leads by example. I wish all organizations would offer calls in which their constituents could have financials explained, understand the strategic plan, and have the opportunity to ask questions. Great moderation, presentation and mix of discussion. I will be looking forward to the next one.


  9. Thank you for answering my question regarding the cost of transparency, and how GuideStar can assist nonprofits in driving down related costs. I believe that GuideStar can make an exponential impact that elevates the industry to new standards of accountability and transparency. Today’s call demonstrated the excellence of your organization. I look forward to the upcoming additions to your business model.


  10. Jacob and team:
    Congratulations. I enjoyed the impact call and appreciate the transparency. Glad to see GuideStar’s financial picture improving. I also found it interesting to hear what questions others had for GuideStar. I am sure there were a lot of questions you didn’t get to answer on the call. Maybe sharing the questions and answers with us at some point will help continue the conversation. Thanks!


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