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api-sandbox (2)In March I posted about the new way you could search comprehensive charity information and even integrate a due diligence tool into your website or product, thanks to our new suite of APIs.

DeveloperI’m happy to report that today we’ve taken it to the next level – we’ve given you access to our industry-leading database for free.

Check out our new, free QuickStart APIs:

QuickStart Search API
Search our most common sets of information, including the names, mission statements, and location of nonprofits across the country. Unlimited subscription allowing up to 250 hits per month.

QuickStart Detail API
Get rich information supplied directly from nonprofits combined with information from other sources for millions of organizations. Unlimited subscription allowing up to 250 hits per month.

Most importantly: if you need fast delivery and seamless integration of GuideStar information, you have the ability to do that, and now can even try it for free.

And don’t just take my word for it! I asked two of my clients to tell me what they thought about our APIs and here’s what they said:

iDonorWe wanted to provide broad access to our users so they could select any cause of their choice. We sought out the GuideStar Search API because it’s the most trusted and recognized API provider in the marketplace, and we knew it could integrate seamlessly with our iDonor Widget interface backend database. As a result of working with the API, 90% of our flow is improved.” — John Rochard of iDonor, the cross-mobile interface donation payment gateway

OkanjoThe GuideStar Search and Exchange APIs are crucial parts of our nonprofit offerings. They deliver fast, comprehensive information about nonprofits that integrate easily with our services, and both take a huge responsibility off our plate as well as let us focus on our core competencies: delivering engaging online giving solutions to our nonprofit customers.” Brendon Thomas of Okanjo, a Milwaukee-based company that builds community around e-commerce

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What are you waiting for? Our APIs may be just the thing if you need fast access to lots of nonprofit information.

Bunkie RIghter

Bunkie Righter

Bunkie Righter, Senior Director, Business Development, GuideStar USA, has 20 years of experience in both nonprofit management, fundraising and revenue generation.  During the last 13 years with GuideStar, Ms. Righter has worked in a variety of roles and for the last seven years in her current role, where she focuses on developing partner relationships and delivering comprehensive data solutions from the GuideStar database for partners and clients.

6 responses to “Free nonprofit information available

  1. GuideStar has made a terrible error which has negatively affected my 23-year 501(c) 3 nonprofit org. GuideStar has listed our TREASURER’S name and address as the only reference to the nonprofit. The Treasurer is NOT the founder and CEO of Women Organized Against Homelessness, and that is the only reference to WOAH. Marjorie Bard, Ph.D. is the founder and CEO and has been since 1991. She lived in Beverly Hills, CA, and that is where GuideStar should have the proper name and address. This error, which GuideStar will not correct, has caused a vicious stalker to print the treasurer’s name as the CEO and calls Bard an imposter who has stolen the ID of the real CEO — and insists Bard is soliciting money for herself. WOAH has NEVER solicited money, so this makes the lie even more harmful.

    There is no way Bard can correct the misinformation by Guidestar, thus encouraging the lies by a stalker who is intent on destroying orgs which assist the homeless. At this point, Bard has to consider filing Dissolution papers for what is now a useless org. Are the owners of Guidestar ready to do the work of WOAH for the homeless? You know they aren’t! SHAME ON GUIDESTAR!


  2. Marjorie, as we informed you in April, Women Organized Against Homelessness’ exempt status was automatically revoked by the IRS on August 12, 2013 for failure to file a Form 990 for 3 consecutive years. There is no information on the treasurer anywhere on GuideStar whatsoever. We did not hear from you after our last email to you in April, but we are happy to help if we can. At this point, we just don’t know how to help you. Feel free to reach out to us again if we can be of service: ~Lindsay J.K. Nichols, GuideStar’s senior director, marketing & communications


  3. APPARENTLY, I AM NOT MAKING IT CLEAR TO YOU ABOUT THE NONPROFIT ORG I FOUNDED! GUIDESTAR HAS LISTED WOMEN ORGANIZED AGAINST HOMELESSNESS AS BEING IN SAN JOSE, CA. THAT FORM IS ONLY the 1991 NAME AND ADDRESS OF THE TREASURER as required by the CA Secretary of State for collecting the biennial fee to remain as a CA nonprofit org. That Treasurer moved years ago, and her replacement has been listed on the proper CA forms


  4.   Lindsay: The EIN# of Women Organized Against Homelessness is: 95-4337-468.

    The Treasurer is Sue Peterson. She just moved from her apt to her son’s house, so her address HAS BEEN: 19608 Pruneridge Ave. #5209, Cupertino, CA 95014. Her NEW address is: 1889 Columbia Dr., Los Banos, CA 93635, but I haven’t had time to file an address amendment. We aren’t due to pay our biennial fee until 2015. I have the letter ready, but then I figured I’d have to file dissolution papers, so it’s still on my desk. If you can fix this mess, I’ll send on her address change to the Sec. of State.

    I appreciate your assistance. I was stunned by my stalker’s copy of our revocation notice on the web as he stated in no uncertain terms that I am a fraud, not the CEO of WOAH, and don’t exist unless I’m an imposter who stole the EIN# of someone else’s nonprofit org and soliciting money for myself. We have had no problems since I founded the nonprofit org in 1991. He is quite proud of proving I am a felon because of what he copied from GuideStar. Since the nonprofit is the only one which focuses on the undetectable homeless who are stable and can be part of new tiny farming eco-villages, I have been mourning the loss of one way to alleviate homelessness. We have never solicited for money, so we have been exempt from filing a 990 from our determination as a 501(c)3 charitable org. The IRS has simply copied the same incorrect address from 1991 in San Jose — and thus we have had no notice of new e-filings. I was told they would happily reinstate us if we pay $400 for the privilege of reinstatement. We don’t have any money at all. We have used innovative strategies of communicating with farmers with unused acreage who donate land for the tiny villages. While the members are not living off-the-grid, they are close to that form of learning how to live as the Old Order of Amish do today.

    Marjorie Bard, Ph.D.


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