About This Blog

Nonprofits are part of the very fabric of our culture, and every day, whether we know it or not, we are positively affected by a nonprofit. Whether it’s the health services we receive, or the schools our children attend, or community projects we participate in, the entertainment we appreciate, or the environment we enjoy, nonprofits are vital to our world.

The GuideStar Blog is dedicated to everyone who works for a nonprofit. It is by, for, and about you, the hard-working professionals that make up this powerful nonprofit sector, and the amazing people who choose to invest their time and resources into making nonprofits successful.

There is a little something for everyone here including:

  • Topics aimed at C-suite executives and senior leadership
  • Discussions about defining nonprofit impact and how nonprofits can better demonstrate theirs
  • Tips and tricks for becoming more efficient nonprofit organizations and professionals
  • News about nonprofits trends affecting the economy, policy, charitable giving, and more
  • Announcements of new awards, programs, products, services, and conferences
  • Exploration of themes around Money for Good, Overhead Myth, nonprofit social media, and more

Visit the GuideStar Blog because you care about the nonprofit sector; stay and read our posts because we’ve got the right content for you. We encourage you to leave a comment if you find something interesting, insightful, or just plain wrong.

We accept guest posts on a rolling basis. Send an email to Courtney Cherico at courtney.cherico@guidestar.org with your contact information and a brief introduction to the topic your blog post would explore and how it fits into one of the themes above.

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