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2007 GuideStar Nonprofit Economic Survey Kickoff

On October 8, we will send an e-mail inviting Newsletter subscribers associated with 501(c)(3) organizations to participate in our sixth annual nonprofit economic survey. The survey is designed for U.S. public charities and private foundations. It will run October 8-22, 2007.

The survey is designed to take charitable organizations' financial pulse in order to answer the question "How are nonprofits doing this year?" The results will be released to the media in late October or early November for the giving season, posted on the GuideStar Web site, and discussed in an article in the December Newsletter.

A few housekeeping details:

  • Although respondents' comments may be quoted by GuideStar or released to the media, all participation is anonymous unless a respondent provides his or her name, title, and organization name at the end of the survey. If a participant does not supply this information, neither the respondent nor the name of his or her organization will be released.

  • Each participant will be asked to provide the Employer Identification Number (EIN) of the organization for which he or she is responding. We are requesting the EINs only to determine how many nonprofits are represented in the survey results; we will not release them, nor will we use them to identify participants' organizations.

  • We will send a reminder message on October 15. If you have already completed the survey, you can remove your e-mail address from the reminder distribution list by providing the address at the end of the survey. (Please be sure it is the address to which the invitation was sent.) Again, we will use the address only to remove the respondent from the reminder distribution list. We will not share, sell, or release the address.

  • If you are not sure whether your organization is a 501(c)(3), you can find out by checking your GuideStar Report.

  • If you have questions, contact Suzanne Coffman at