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Feedback on TakeAction@GuideStar


Have you seen TakeAction@GuideStar yet? It’s our new initiative to give donors a new way to find nonprofits on GuideStar and more information about those organizations. We soft-launched it a couple of weeks ago, and the hard launch was this week.

I was delighted to see Sean Stannard-Stockton’s comments about TakeAction@GuideStar in his blog, Tactical Philanthropy. It was gratifying to read that Sean views TakeAction@GuideStar as “one more step towards helping donors make smart decisions about their giving.”

But I would have been pleased by his post even if Sean had criticized our efforts. We invite everyone to give us his or her opinion on TakeAction@GuideStar. It’s easy to give us your feedback; just click the [+] on the lower portion of any TakeAction page and complete the form that pops up.

Your comments will guide the future development of TakeAction@GuideStar. Tell us what you like and dislike, what works and doesn’t work for you, the causes and partners that interest you—anything you’d like to share or think we should consider.

We very much want to hear from you.

Bob.jpgThe preceding is a guest post Bob Ottenhoff,  Chief Executive of the Center for Disaster Philanthropy. With an entrepreneurial spirit, strong technology focus, and a quest to make an impact in the world, Bob has the ability to take an organization and lead it into strong performance, sustainability, and industry leadership.

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