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Follow-up to Corporate Product Giving Webinar by Melissa Trumpower


Below is a follow-up to the questions submitted during the May 24 webinar on corporate giving with Melissa Trumpower, EVP, Marketing, Communications, & Strategic Partnerships, Good360. To view or hear a live recording of the presentation, please click here.

We received some terrific feedback and questions from last week’s webinar on “Getting Products Donated for Your Cause,” which was hosted by GuideStar. Below I’ve answered the top three most asked questions and provided some additional links about product giving and Good360 (formerly Gifts In Kind International).

First of all, our new Facebook page is:

Qualifications for Registering with Good360

We received many questions about which organizations can qualify to receive Good360 donations. The qualifications at this time include the following:

  • Status as a 501(c)3 organization, a school or American Indian reservations.

– Registered nonprofits can register online at:

– Schools or American Indian reservations must register by filling out a PDF form:

  • Submission of a Form 990 to the IRS. For faith-based organizations or nonprofits with annual revenue under $25,000, you can register online, but will be assigned a spending limit of $200 (in order to raise that limit you must submit internal financials with a cover letter or proof of submitting a Form 990N).
  • Your organization’s mission must be related to serving people who are ill, people in need or youth, or you must have programs that serve those audiences. (For example, if you are an environmental group or a theater group and you have programs to help low-income youth you would qualify.)
  • Your organization must be in good standing in the community and agree to the rules about product use:

Can We Distribute Good360 Products Overseas?

The short answer is in some cases. Donations that are included on our donation catalog will say whether or not the product can or cannot be distributed overseas. ANY products that are received locally CANNOT be distributed overseas without the written permission of Good360. However, we work with many international NGOs that receive our products regularly and distribute them around the world.

Neighborhood Partner Program

There were a few questions about picking up donations in the community. Local donations happen in two ways:

1) You can pick up one-time donations in your communities; or

2) You can partner with a retail store for one year and pick up donations when they are available.

As I mentioned during the webinar, you do not pay for the shipping and handling of these donations, but you do pay an administrative fee that allows Good360 to run the program (there are some matches that are available for free). The administrative fee helps Good360 cover the expenses we incur from administering, processing, warehousing and shipping donations, customer service, relationship management and outreach. Without these nominal fees Good360 would be unable to provide this valuable service to the nonprofit community.

The value you receive from your partnership or one-time pickup should significantly exceed the required fee. You can read stories about others who have participated in this program at:

A few other resources on corporate giving:

Thanks again to everyone who joined us for the webinar! For more information about Good360 or corporate product giving, please contact me at or follow me on Twitter @MelTrumpower.


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