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You Spoke, We Listened: Using GuideStar Premium Pay As You Go for Fundraising


At GuideStar, we pride ourselves on listening before we speak, especially when it comes to what keeps nonprofits up at night. So we listened when you told us that fundraising is a chief concern among nonprofits big and small. We know that, although your mission is at the core of everything you do, without a constant flow of funds, progress toward advancing your mission is compromised. We also know that nonprofits compete for donations and that anything you can do to help distinguish your organization from its peers and competitors, particularly during a down economy, can be of critical importance.

Here’s where all that listening comes in handy. We recently launched GuideStar Premium Pay As You Go, a new tool that allows users to purchase a single report for a specific nonprofit featuring GuideStar Premium’s comprehensive data. Most nonprofits already know who their peers and competitors are in the sector, and Pay As You Go allows you to create one-time reports about these organizations to see revenue and expense information for up to five years, so you can benchmark yourself against your competition. Benchmarking can be a valuable tool when you are trying to get new funders, or are trying to distinguish yourself from your peers.

GuideStar Premium Pay As You Go can also help you research private foundations to approach for funding. When you purchase a Pay As You Go report for a foundation that you know funds programs like yours, you get up to five years’ financial data and up to five of its most recent Forms 990-PF. GuideStar Premium Pay As You Go lets you dig deeper to identify the foundations most likely to fund you.

With the addition of GuideStar Premium Pay As You Go, nonprofits—and accountants, attorneys, consultants, prospectors, and funding researchers—can now use our GuideStar Premium data in three ways: GuideStar Premium Subscriptions are available on a monthly or annual basis for people who need nonprofit data on several organizations as well as sophisticated tools for finding and managing that information; companies with 11 or more users needing continual access to GuideStar Premium data can purchase an enterprise license agreement; and people who just need a one-time report can purchase it through Pay As You Go.

At the core of GuideStar Premium Pay As You Go is deep, historical data that GuideStar Premium has always offered in a professionally packaged, freestanding, date-stamped PDF report, without a subscription and without worrying about auto-renewals. And, like the reports you get with a GuideStar Premium subscription, GuideStar Premium Pay As You Go reports include fresh, up-to-date information provided by nonprofits that participate in the GuideStar Exchange.

I encourage you to check out GuideStar Premium Pay As You Go soon, and above all, I encourage you to continue telling us about the challenges you’re facing across the sector. We really are listening. Please feel free to leave your thoughts in this blog’s comments section.

lindsay-nichols.jpgThe preceding is a guest blog post by Lindsay Nichols, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at America’s Charities, the leader in workplace giving and philanthropy. As a member of the organization’s senior leadership team, Lindsay guides and oversees the strategy and execution of all marketing and communications efforts with a major emphasis on strategy and tactics that support increased growth for the organization. Lindsay has been quoted in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Chronicle of Philanthropy, NonProfit Times, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, St. Louis Public Radio, Dallas Morning News, and more.

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