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Giving Season Giveaway Winners Share Their Experience

Last week, the winner of the GuideStar-KIMBIA 2011 Giving Season Giveaway, Golden Gate Basset Rescue (GGBR), received their check for $5000 and were nice enough to share their experience with us!

Diana Hand, Marketing Manager, GuideStar

GGBR rescues basset hounds from abusive, abandoned, and unwanted situations and rehabilitates homeless animals in foster homes while evaluating behavior and health problems.

Check out the cute video they took of the day – those dogs look happy and loved!

Members of GGBR let us know that the prize has already been put to good use with saving multiple bassets who needed surgeries since the beginning of the new year – one dog faced losing both her eyes due to glaucoma, another reacted to sutures after her spay, and another had a bladder stone.

Congratulations again!

GGBR Contest Winning Photo Shoot Meetup - Fremont Dog Park

About the Contest:
The $5,000 prize was awarded to the GuideStar Exchange Seal Holder that received the most donations during Giving Season. We are happy to have had the opportunity to support this contest, made possible through the generosity of KIMBIA, our online giving partner. Visit for more information.

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