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Happy #GenerosityDay – We Love You, Nonprofits!

Happy (almost) Generosity Day! Tomorrow we’re joining many others in the nonprofit community in celebrating Generosity Day—essentially a day to be generous and say yes. Created by Sasha Dichter and others two years ago, Generosity Day has become a movement in the philanthropic sector to use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to turn words into real action. As Sasha says, “Let’s make the day about love, action, and human connection – because we can do better than smarmy greeting cards, overpriced roses, and stressed-out couples trying to create romantic meals on the fly.”

Go here to take the pledge and just say yes tomorrow: It doesn’t take much to participate. Here’s a great article about the quick things you can do to celebrate Generosity Day:

And in the true spirit of Generosity Day, it’s our turn to say thank you. As you may have seen on our Twitter, Facebook andGoogle+ pages, we proclaimed February as “Love A Nonprofit Month.” We asked our followers to tell us how they show their love for nonprofits, and what we heard ranged from working for a high-performing nonprofit, to volunteering time, to donating money to a charity that is making the world a better place. For all of that and every unsung here out there, we say thank you.

We thank those who toil tirelessly each and every day to better their world – our world. Because of you, almost every American is touched by a nonprofit organization in some way, whether a loved one is treated for a health concern or uses a service that is being offered in their community. Because of you, nonprofits have the ability to be more effective and efficient. And because of you, the nonprofit sector is getting better at showing the rest of the world all that we do to help people. From all of us here at GuideStar to all of you, thank you.

So, how can you say yes tomorrow?

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