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5 trends changing big data for nonprofits



1. What public medicine can learn from baseball.

Just how fatal are certain diseases? In a page taken from professional sports scouting and strategy, public health researchers are using data in innovative new ways to figure out how best to allocate budget dollars to national and global health initiatives. Check off another win for big data.

2. Conquer the data deniers.

Even with evangelists working overtime to convince companies that information is what will set their business free, there are still holdouts to the big data revolution. Among nonprofits, it's even worse. If your colleagues fall into the anti-data camp, don't despair. Here's how to quiet their fears and get them on board. Of course, that being said…

3. Three false assumptions looming behind big data.

For all the high expectations around big data, it’s important to remember that even the best datasets have their limits. Here are three assumptions nonprofits have about data, and how they can kill your fundraising and marketing goals.

4. 5 ways to improve your fundraising.

Sometimes it's not about the numbers or the little details. Sometimes, the problem lives at a much higher level. Are you guilty of any of these bad behaviors?

5. Negotiate like a professional.

All that data giving you a headache? Take a break, pop in your favorite 80's or 90's action movie, and learn how to get what you want from your boss and coworkers, even the loose cannons and constantly beleaguered brass.


Josh Mait

The preceding is a cross post by Josh Mait, Chief Marketing Officer at Relationship Science LLC (RelSci). He is responsible for guiding the overall marketing strategy and its application across all communication channels for the relationship capital company. Sign up for their weekly nonprofit newsletter, the RelSci 5.

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