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The GuideStar Blog: We’d Love Your Feedback!

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Changes are coming to The GuideStar Blog! Later this year, we will be switching hosts from WordPress to the new GuideStar Community. The GuideStar Community will be an engaging, collaborative part of GuideStar's site that will bring together the nonprofit sector. Not only with the GuideStar Community provide a more direct link to GuideStar and our programs and initiatives, it will provide a place to connect with your peers.

When that change occurs, we are also planning on re-visiting the direction of our blog, and this is where you come in! We’d love our readers’ feedback on what direction you’d like to see our blog content take.

Please take three minutes to fill out this 5-question survey of what you want to see more and less of on The GuideStar Blog, here: Or, feel free to leave a comment below.

Thank you for your time and feedback as we strive towards providing the nonprofit community with better data, better decisions, and a better world!



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