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990s and the Future of Nonprofit Data: Impact Call Follow-up

990s and the Future of Nonprofit Data: Impact Call Follow-up

On August 10th, 2015 GuideStar hosted its quarterly Impact Call-- we discussed what the new IRS 990 rules mean for the sector, our quarterly financials, and unveiled our new video that tells GuideStar's story in 90 seconds. Our goal for Impact Calls is not simply to report our results but to jump-start the conversation on how transparency is defined and conveyed across the sector.

To view our latest Impact Call, visit our Youtube page, or download our slides here. To see our latest video, simply visit our homepage.

There were several follow-up questions people asked during the call, so let's dive in!

We are a new 501(c)3 and would like to enter information on GuideStar. Is there a fee for service to register information on GuideStar?
No! Every tax-exempt nonprofit registered with the IRS already has a profile on GuideStar, but many only have information from their organization’s IRS records—that is, until they take the free opportunity to update their Nonprofit Profile. This ability to take control of your organization’s profile is something that we believe really empowers nonprofits to tell a stronger story about the causes they care about and why, so we encourage you to update your information today!

I am interested in learning more about the revised 990 filing IRS guidelines and regulations. What is my best way to obtain materials on this topic?
Here are several resources we've compiled that can help you in this process:
- This article by the Chronicle of Philanthropy helps summarize the recent changes and what they mean for nonprofits.
- The IRS's Annual Reporting & Filing page offers resources on how to complete the form, the current year's forms and schedules, and more.
- Linda Lampkin blogs on the topic for the Economic Research Institute.

Are you going to build in some algorithmic functionality where nonprofits can get a list of potential collaborators? Is the potential for finding partnerships which was mentioned in this webinar something that Guidestar supports, or generally informs?
We’re looking to include a variety of data science techniques in future iterations, including algorithms. We believe this functionality will further collaboration between nonprofits, foundations, and others.

Our organization has a GuideStar profile that was created and managed by someone who is no longer with our company. How do we regain control of the account?
If your previous GuideStar Profile manager is no longer with the organization, please request permissions, by following the instructions below to become the new or additional manager on your organization’s GuideStar account:

  1. Please sign in or create an account with an e-mail associated with your organization on
  2. Click on the ‘Update Nonprofit Profile’ link on the home page.
  3. Click “Get Started Now”
  4. Enter your organization’s EIN number.
  5. Click on “Request Permissions”.
  6. Complete the request form.
  7. Click “Submit Request”.

Should you run into any troubles, you can email

990s and the Future of Nonprofit Data: Impact Call Follow-up Courtney Cherico

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