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2017 Giving on GuideStar Up 200%—Activate Your GuideStar Donate Button Now

Why You Want to Activate Your Donation Button on GuideStar NowWhat would you say if someone told you:

  • there’s a place where the number of charities receiving donations grew 200 percent in one year;
  • the number of donations in that place increased 150 percent over the same year;
  • the amount of money donated in that place doubled during that year; and
  • just a few minutes of your time could enable your organization to take advantage of these developments—for free?

“You’re joking, right?” “Nothing’s that easy”? “What’s the catch?”

We’re not joking, it is that easy, and there’s no catch. The place is GuideStar. These statistics are for charitable donations made through our website in 2017.

As you would expect, over 75 percent of these donations were made in the second half of the year, with 50 percent occurring in November and December. The average donation amount in 2017 was $144, and the largest donation was $50,000 (yes—you read that right—$50,000. Just to be clear, we don’t guarantee your organization will receive a five-figure donation. But we’re thrilled someone used our site to make such a major gift). Donations made through the GuideStar website went to nonprofits in every state, with over 40 percent going to organizations in New York State, California, Texas, and Florida.

How to Add the Donation Button to Your GuideStar Nonprofit Profile

What does it take to receive a donation through the GuideStar website, you might ask? It’s as simple as claiming your profile, earning a Bronze Seal of Transparency, and opting in to enable donations. If your organization is registered with the IRS as tax exempt, you likely already appear on GuideStar, but your profile may be very bare and probably lacks the donation button.

Claiming your profile is easy and free. It gives you the opportunity to raise funds through GuideStar’s website. It’s also the first step to fundraising through dozens of other high-profile online portals and platforms, including:

  • AmazonSmile
  • JustGive
  • Network for Good
  • All major U.S.-based donor-advised funds, such as Fidelity Charitable
  • Private foundations, such as the California Endowment
  • More than 16 leading community foundations

See these step-by-step instructions to learn how to get started and how to add the donation button to your profile.

Go a Step Further for Better Results

When you claim your profile, you can also provide information that earns your organization a GuideStar Seal of Transparency. In a follow-up post tomorrow, we’ll talk about the impact having a Seal made on contributions through GuideStar in 2017.

Why You Want to Activate Your Donation Button on GuideStar NowHolly Ivel is GuideStars director of data services.

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