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2019: The Year for Nonprofits to Innovate

2019: The Year for Nonprofits to InnovateEmbrace Technology

Your nonprofit should embrace technology and use it as a power for innovation and good. The sphere of technology is unavoidable ... so don’t try to avoid it. Instead, there are many amazing interfaces that improve donor experiences. Let 2019 be the year where new technology helps keep donors engaged and reaches out to make new friends for your organization.

The Doctor Won’t See You Now

As a physician and clinical researcher for many years, I was tormented by the lack of patient access to needed health care and the skyrocketing cost of medications. CliniSpan Health was founded to support nonprofit fundraising, improve access, and help make health care affordable for all.

Expand Your Horizons

In my many discussions with nonprofits, improving donor engagement and expanding their footprint continues to be at the forefront of concerns. With this in mind, I set out to utilize similar tools that we use in medicine and research to keep patients engaged, motivated, and on our team.


The New Year is just around the corner. In 2019, consider embracing technologies that will reach out to donors in more meaningful and cost-effective ways. New digital fundraising platforms are expanding daily, and it’s important to utilize them! Your organization may already use software for marketing automation and personalized relevance, but now it’s time to up your game for e-fundraising. Here are five simple ways to jumpstart this process:

  1. Improve Your Mobile Site: Since most searches are done on mobile devices, it’s important the mobile version of your website is clean and simple. Have your message on the opening page with an action button such as “Donate Now” or “Volunteer.” People typically want all the information on the first page they see. When is the last time you went to page 2?
  2. More Payment Options: Make it easy to give! Many Millennials don’t use a checking account or credit card. Venmo and PayPal are easy alternatives for people to donate from their phone. Apple Pay, Zelle, etc. are also great tools to gain instant payments with minimal fees. Do some research to learn what would work best for you. Make it a piece of cake for your donors!
  3. Get Your Emails Opened/Improve Content: People are more likely to open emails that are meaningful to them or spark interest. Everyone’s in-box is flooded with emails. The average open rate for nonprofits remains relatively high at 15 percent-17.5 percent. Improve and maintain your rates by using an intriguing title and include engaging content. CliniSpan Health provides nonprofits with free content to improve fundraising capabilities.
  4. Re-think Video: Don’t focus on creating a glamorous video. People love genuine, casual videos that are recorded on your phone. Avoid practice and scripts, just be your authentic self! Hold your phone up and briefly talk about your next event or capital campaign. Post these on your social media platforms weekly or monthly. Your goal—connect with people. It doesn't have to look professional.
  5. Thank-You Notes: These are very low tech but so important. Thanking your donors with hand-written notes will go a long way toward providing a personal touch. In the world of online e-donations, you want to make your donors feel sincerely appreciated. An instant receipt and automated e-thank-you should always be followed by a personalized written note. The donor will feel the love and be more inclined to give again!

2019: The Year for Nonprofits to InnovateDavid Lipsitz, MD FACS, has been a nonprofit supporter and clinical researcher for over 20 years. As the founder of CliniSpan Health, he developed proprietary software that matches new pharma donations to local, regional, and national nonprofits without the need for grant proposals, etc. His goal is to improve health care access for all and disrupt the current paradigm.

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