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3 Ways To Pitch A Corporate Partnership For #GivingTuesday

3 Ways To Pitch A Corporate Partnership For #GivingTuesday

The biggest giving month of the year is right around the corner. In fact, about a third of all giving happens in December. To get the most out of your December, kick off the month with a killer #GivingTuesday campaign. And to get the most out of your #GivingTuesday campaign, partner with a corporation.

In 2014, corporations donated $17.8 billion according to Charity Navigator.

For an example of how corporate giving can impact individual nonprofit organizations, consider this: Alzheimer’s Society Nova Scotia ran a #GivingTuesday campaign in 2013 in which they received a matching donation from Deloitte for all individual donations. They raised $10,000 and exceeded their overall fundraising goals.

You too can exceed your fundraising goals with the right partnership. Here are three ways to pitch a corporate partner for #GivingTuesday.

1. Choose a Good Partner

When seeking a corporation to partner with this #GivingTuesday, it is crucial to choose a comparable company. The right partnership could extend beyond #GivingTuesday for future donations and become a mutually beneficial relationship for years to come. Prior to contacting a company, research their background, key achievements, future plans, and important goals. For example, a pet specialty retailer may be inclined to donate to an animal rescue organization.

Consider a Local Partner

Corporations value local nonprofit organizations and causes. A study by the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy found that, between 2000 and 2011, 60 percent of donations over $1 million went to organizations that were in the donor’s immediate geographic area.

Not only does donating to a local charity build an immediate connection, it also builds positive press. Giving to local organizations showcases to customers that the corporation cares about local issues. While the corporation provides financial assistance, the nonprofit provides positive publicity for the corporation.

Match Your Demographic Profiles

It’s also important to match your supporters with the company’s customers. Aligning demographics is another telling way to determine if a partner is going to be a good fit. For example, if you are a health-focused organization that caters to women ages 25 to 45 you might look to partner with a specialty grocery store with customers who are women 25 to 45. In this partnership, you benefit from meeting their customers and they benefit from meeting your pre-existing supporters. When you align precisely, you may land a bigger ally than you could imagine.

2. Come Prepared

Before reaching out to a potential corporate partner, prepare your toolkit ahead of time. This should include all the materials the organization might need in order to implement a giving program. Prepare a media kit in advance that includes:

  • Email appeal templates
  • Photos that showcase your mission
  • Sample social media posts
  • Video testimonials from donors
  • A thank you from your staff and board
  • Partner-focused hashtags to track social media engagement
  • Branded campaign page

Build a #GivingTuesday Corporate Campaign Page

Make implementing a corporate giving program even easier by creating the corporation’s campaign ahead of time. Corporations will be more inclined to say yes if the work has already been done for them. With fundraising software like Classy, you can create new campaign pages in a matter of minutes. You can then easily add your partner as a campaign administrator and hand over the completed campaign donation page to get the ball rolling.

Offer to Promote Their Company

In addition to adding your corporate sponsor’s company logo to your website, you should also offer to promote their efforts through your social channels. Showcase your social media reach potential and how you will be promoting your partnership up to #GivingTuesday. Capital Partners for Education showcased their corporate partner Hanley Wood on multiple social media channels leading up to #GivingTuesday in 2014.

3 Ways To Pitch A Corporate Partnership For #GivingTuesday 

3. Share Information About Your Company

56 percent of those that support nonprofits confirm that compelling storytelling is what motivates them to take action, according to a report by Waggenner Edstrom. Storytelling promotes engagement by establishing a personal connection. This helps people feel emotionally connected and motivated to support a cause. People are naturally drawn to stories about changing the world for the better, especially when they can relate to those stories. This is no different when trying to attract the employees of your potential corporate partnership or anyone who wants to support your cause.

To encourage company-wide giving in your potential corporate partnership, it is recommended to be fully transparent about your organization and its mission. This can be done by sharing:

  • Testimonials
  • Impact Stories
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Company Culture Blog Posts
  • Newsletters

If a company does decide to forge a #GivingTuesday partnership with your organization, make sure you are readily available as a resource for their employees. Consider hosting a Q&A session over Tweet Chat or Google Hangout just for employees. There, you will have the opportunity to engage directly with potential donors and start building a relationship with them.

No matter how large or small your nonprofit organization is, you are capable of securing a corporate partner in time for #GivingTuesday. Increase your chances of nabbing a partner and implementing a successful giving program by choosing the right corporation and establishing a mutually beneficial relationship. By forming a strong relationship from the start your fundraising potential is limitless.

This post was originally published on the Classy blog. Classy is the #1 online and mobile fundraising platform trusted by 3,000+ of the world's top nonprofits and social enterprises.

3 Ways To Pitch A Corporate Partnership For #GivingTuesdayThis article was written by Chelsea Alves, former writer at Aside from nonprofit writing, Chelsea writes young adult fiction and for her hiking blog.

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