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8 Ways to Grow Your Nonprofit Social Media Followers

8 Ways to Grow Your Nonprofit Social Media FollowersEvery single day, nonprofits use social media platforms to raise awareness for causes, collect donations, and connect with constituents. The goal is to create a blossoming online community of your nonprofit’s ideal fans who will engage with the content that you have and share it. 

Here are eight simple steps you can use to attract and engage social media followers: 

1. Give Fans Reasons to Follow You

Giving your current and prospective fans a reason to follow you on multiple channels is the primary objective of creating social media pages. What value to their lives are you providing? You should tailor your content for every channel user. Tactically use every social media channel based on its demographics and strengths. You can, for example, use Facebook to tell captivating stories of the people who have benefited from your cause. Use Instagram and Snapchat to portray pictures. Use Twitter to share advocacy alerts and new updates. 

2. Respond to Your Fans

Some 83 percent of your Facebook fans and 71 percent of your Twitter followers expect a response the same day they make an inquiry. You should be exceptionally responsive to your followers so that they can have a good user experience from your channels. If you need to respond to a Facebook fan directly, your page admins can reply to public comments with a private message using Facebook Messenger. By the badge on your page, everyone can gauge your responsiveness. 

Recognize fans who retweet or mention your nonprofit. Once your online communities feel acknowledged and heard, high chances are that they will become your raving fans and your devoted social media ambassadors. 

3. Change Your Profile Photos and Banners

Your profile pictures and banners get the most views. Make a point of using visuals that highlight your organization’s effect and the stories of those who benefit and stand to benefit from your services.

For example,  your Facebook cover photo at least once or twice per month. Use your Twitter banner and profile photo to bring focus to your tremendous work. Customize, personalize, and humanize each channel with a visual image that speaks a thousand words. 

4. Explore Paid Social

The reality is that sometimes you need to have a budget to increase the success of your social channels. Investing in paid social advertisements can increase conversations, promote your content, and help you reach new people. Filters let you target your ideal fans on every social network by interest, demographics, behavior, and a lot more. 

5. Use Humor

Your mission may be deadly serious, but if there are times where humor is appropriate, go for it. Nonprofits that show a sense of humor and a bit of humanity tend to rank relatively high on social media. With that said, all shared content on your channels should make sense to your audience and be consistent with your brand voice. Do not share puppy memes for the sake of sharing puppy memes; you may confuse your audience. Share funny content that’s relevant to your mission and programs. 

6. Create a Content Plan

  • Did you know that getting people to purchase a product is much easier than persuading them to participate in a cause? That’s because they usually don’t get anything physical in return for participating in a cause. To help followers understand the value of your cause and engage with your organization, create content that answers these questions: What are some of the challenges that people experience when they try to live the ideals of your nonprofit?
  • What tools or tips can you offer to aid in dealing with these challenges? 

7. Encourage Tagging

To effectively engage your followers, you can encourage them to tag people who may enjoy a specific post or may benefit from it altogether. For example, if you’re posting a marriage quote, write, “Tag your spouse, who needs this today!” With luck, the people who are tagged will be drawn into the fold and join your social media channel.

8. Choose the Right Networks

The general public is not always your audience. In fact, you’ll get better results if you identify a specific audience or audiences to target. Then study social media demographics to learn where they are active online and shift your focus to those networks. It is okay not to be on all the social media platforms. It’s better to concentrate on two to three social channels where you can do an excellent job of reaching your target audience rather than to do a mediocre job in all channels. 


These days, 85 percent of marketers use social media on a regular basis. Nonprofits that have embraced social media are bringing awareness to the causes.

So go ahead and start growing your social media followers today! 

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