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A Summer Reading List for Nonprofit Professionals (And anyone else interested in the sector)

Summer's coming and you know what that means—time to sneak out of the office and hang out on the beach. Sun, surf, rest, relaxation, and, of course, reading. And what else would one read at the beach other than the latest news from the nonprofit sector?
April's Question of the Month asked newsletter subscribers what professional or nonprofit information sources they regularly read or consult. The responses included both off-line periodicals and on-line Web sites, so pack a sand-proof laptop in your picnic basket. The following is a list of all publications that received multiple mentions, from most to least mentioned:

  1. Chronicle of Philanthropy—biweekly newspaper/
  2. Foundation Center—e-newsletters/
  3. GuideStar—e-newsletter/
  4. NonProfit Times —biweekly newspaper/
  5. Grassroots Fundraising Journal —bimonthly magazine/
  6. TechSoup—e-newsletter/
  7. Wall Street Journal —daily newspaper/
  8. Advancing Philanthropy —bimonthly magazine/
  9. Compass Point—e-newsletters/
  10. Currents—monthly magazine/
  11. Planned Giving Today —monthly newsletter/
  12. Yahoo—
The Chronicle was far and away the winner, with more than double the mentions of the next most popular resource.

If any of the news sources on this list are new to you, check them out and read up on what you've been missing. Even if you can't make it to the beach.
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