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Accessing Forms 990

  • Where are the 990s and are they still free?
    All registered users can access the three most recent 990s at no charge. If you want to look at a 990 older than three years, you'll need to subscribe to GuideStar Premium.

    The only things that have changed about accessing the 990s are (a) the Form 990 links are on the right side of GuideStar Report pages and (b) GuideStar Select and GuideStar Premium users can access 990s from the search results in a pop-up window.

    Remember, though, that not every nonprofit files a 990. Many of the people who contact us about missing 990s are looking at organizations that do not file them. Only organizations with annual incomes of more than $25,000 must file—around two-thirds of the public charities in this country are under that threshold. And most faith-based organizations of any size are not required to file a 990.

    Step-by-step path to 990s:

    1. Log In
    2. Hit Advanced Search (under the search box on the home page)
    3. Type an organization's name in the  Name field
    4. Hit the SEARCH button
    5. On the Search Results page click the name of an organization.
    6. In the right column, click on FORM 990 and eDOCS
    7. You'll see a page with all of the Form 990 links on it.
    8. Click on the link for the Form 990 that you want to view.

  • I see the 990 link in the search results, but I can't get the 990.
    You probably have pop-ups blocked on your browser. You can set your browser to allow pop-ups when you are on GuideStar. Go to Help in your browser's toolbar, search "pop-up blocker," and follow the instructions for adding sites on which pop-ups are permitted. If that doesn't solve the problem, please contact us at

  • Do you have 990s for the 340,000-plus nonprofits you just added to your database?
    Not yet, but we'll start receiving and posting them soon.
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