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STUDY: Nonprofits Continue to Hire More Aggressively Than For-Profits in 2017, but the Gap Is Narrowing

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Younger Women Take Modern Approach to Philanthropy, Suggests Study

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No More Pledges!

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Checklists! A Killer Time Saver

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At MobileCause, Your Cause Is Our Cause

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Truth or Truthiness: Seven Steps to Track and Share Progress and Outcomes

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Celebrate GuideStar Platinum’s One-Year Birthday with Us!

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Become the Go-To-Resource on Your Community

The Hallmarks of a Good Grant Writer

Goodbye Millennials, Hello Generation Z

All Right, “Color-Blind” Colleagues, We Need to Have a Talk

Navigating Nonprofit Marketing, Part 2: Optimizing User Experience

I Was Framed!  What Leaders Must Know About Recognition

Four Board Behaviors Requiring Mr. Fix-it

How to Maximize Your GuideStar Nonprofit Profile, Part 1

Our Grantees Increase Visibility by Updating Free GuideStar Profiles

Even if You Fundraise "Perfectly," Not Knowing This Could Leave You Unemployed

Listening in New Ways: An Invitation

Find Data in Your Organization's Everyday Activities

Fame and Fortune Await! Take the NEW Major Gifts Challenge

Are Emotional Attachments Obstructing Your Nonprofit’s Growth?

Stop Thinking Outside the Fundraising Box

How the Olympic Motto Can Help You Find Better Nonprofit Tools

Five Top Nonprofit CRM Software Features and How to Use Them

Helping Survivors in Idlib Province, Syria

Is a Do-It-Yourself Feasibility Study a Good Idea?

Time to Talk Payouts

Three Things to Consider in Mid-Level Donor Communications

The Importance of Training Your Board

How to Avoid an Overstuffed Agenda

Navigating Nonprofit Marketing, Part 1

Will Philanthropy Get a Trump Bump? 5 Predictions and 11 Tips

Helping Your Board Spring to Life

Donation Usability: Six Ways to Improve User Experience (Infographic)

Why We Need to Stop Asking “What Do You Do?”

Thx: Reinventing How People Shop and Give to Their Favorite Nonprofit Causes

Five Ways to Prepare for the Unexpected

Five Marketing Strategies to Bring Supporters to Your Donation Page

Five Questions Every New Nonprofit Board Member Should Ask

Associate Boards: A World of Fundraising You Never Knew Existed

Asking Your Volunteers to Contribute Money

Avoiding the High Cost of Ambiguous Decisions

Four Ways to Make Your Organization Stand Out to Millennials

Eight Ways to Use Giving Psychology to Raise More Money, Part 2

Top 10 Trending GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles, January-February 2017

Five Reasons Membership Programs Fail—And What You Can Do About It

If It’s Bold, It’s Gold!

Eight Ways to Use Giving Psychology to Raise More Money, Part 1

How to Raise Major Gifts When You Don’t Have Any Donors

Afraid Your Data Isn't Good Enough? It's Probably Not You. It's The System.

Three Tips from a Fundraising Master

CrowdRise Joins GoFundMe

Five Ways to Keep a Donor’s Eyes Glued to What You Write

Beliefs That Limit Outcomes—Growing Together

Foundations, How Aggravating Is Your Grantmaking Process? Use This Checklist to Find Out!

A Cautionary Tale: Not Enough Time to Raise Money

The IKEA Effect and the Social Sector

Five Strategies to Take Your Fundraising Event to the Next Level

Six Ways Boards Are Critical to a Nonprofit’s Brand

Bridging the Gap Between Volunteer Engagement and Retention

My Reaction (as a Millennial) to the Millennial Impact Report Retrospective

Four Easy Steps to Boosting Your Visibility Online

Stop Looking at How Much You Raise

Perspectives on the Johnson Amendment

How to Get Your Whole Organization Behind Major Gift Fundraising

Not Just a Question of Trust: Can Philanthropists Get Better Results by Doing Less?

Using Technology as a Fundraising Improvement, Not a Distraction

A Divided Sector: Medical & Educational Institutions and Everyone Else

The Perfect Storm for Online Fundraising

Three Ways to Step Up Your Data Game

What Makes a Great Fundraiser Great? Five Key Attributes

How to Prime Your Donors to Give Again

Grantseekers, How Irritating Are You to Funders? Use This Checklist to Find Out

The Happy Healthy Nonprofit Professional: There's An App for That!

Finish Your Fiscal Year with a Bang: What to Do Between Now and June 30

Three Ways to Hire a Fundraiser

Beliefs That Limit Outcomes—for Funders

New Year, New Congress, New President: What’s It All Mean for Nonprofits?

Measuring Fundraising Effectiveness—It’s Time to Get it Right

Using the New GuideStar Search

The GuideStar Blog Top 10 for 2016

The Compounding Effects of Salary Negotiations

Nine Mistakes Nonprofits Make Thanking Donors

Need-to-Know for 2017: Nonprofit Liquidity Information

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: Start Early and Prepare Now!

What Does the Nonprofit Sector Really Look Like?

Recognizing the Most Innovative Nonprofits of 2016

The Articles You Read Most Last Year

Data and Infographics: Telling Your Nonprofit’s Story

Five Things to Do within a Day of the Solicitation Meeting

Give the Gift of Giving in 2016

The Elusive Millennials: Are They Worth Chasing?

The Right Way to Prepare for a Donor Conversation

What It Means to Listen to a Donor

Six Tools to Drive Your Fundraising Activities

#ShiftThePower: The Rise of Community Philanthropy, Part 2

#ShiftThePower: The Rise of Community Philanthropy, Part 1

Holiday Fundraising Special: Using Technology to Change the Way We Thank Our Donors

Four More Organizations You Might Not Know Are Nonprofits

Nine Ways to Make 2017 a Happy Healthy Year for You and Your Nonprofit

How to Deal with Uninformed Nonprofit-Watchdogs Around the Holidays

Building a Stellar Grants Committee

Eavesdropping: A New Way to Make Your Case for Support

Beliefs That Limit Outcomes—for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Finance Study Reveals Compliance, People, and Process Complexities

Planning Charity Auctions: The Ultimate How-To Guide

Top Trending Nonprofit Profiles *#GivingTuesday Edition*

Three Year-End Annual Fundraising Tips You Haven't Thought About

A Meaningful Way to Give This Holiday Season

Celebrate Giving Tuesday with GuideStar

Stop Using These Three Common Fundraising Phrases

Drafting Fundraising Letters: Seven Top Tips

Data Playbook: A Measured Approach

Asking and Giving: The Twin Pillars of Philanthropy

Three Ideas to Get You Started on Donor Stewardship (Plus 20 More You Can Download)

Trust-Based Grantmaking: What It Is, and Why It’s Critical to Our Sector

What an Interim CEO Should Expect from the Board

Less Paperwork, More Impact: GuideStar for Grant Applications

How Funders Reduce “Nonprofit Starvation” with Tech Funding & Data Best Practices

#GivingTuesday Game-Changer: What You Need to Know

Five Ways to Gain Media Coverage for Your Nonprofit

7 Tips to Get Your Organization to Embrace Fundraising

Nonprofit Sponsorship: A Key Ingredient To Your Fundraising Recipe

Why the Nonprofit Work Ethic Is Outdated and Needs to Change

What a Board Should Expect from an Interim CEO

Have You Hit Anyone Up This Week?

State Charity Registration Compliance and Regulations: Is Noncompliance Worth the Risk?

Get Creative to Increase Volunteer Retention

Collective impact: Voltron Vs. The Borg

How a Tech Solution Saved This Executive Director’s Membership Growth Strategy

The Ultimate Guide to Fundraiser Sponsorship

Is Pro Bono Service More Accessible for Your Nonprofit Than You Think?

5 ways to mobilize everyday influencers around end-of-year giving

Towards a Performance-Driven Social Sector

Attracting Talent & Scaling Impact Through a Culture of Evaluation

Top Giving Tuesday Strategies and Resources

How to Collect Donations through GuideStar

4 Famous Organizations You Might Not Know Are Nonprofits

Text-to-Give Fundraising: 5 Best Practices

New Capacity-Building Grant Opportunity: Support GuideStar’s Nonprofit Profile Program

5 Capital Campaign Strategies to Energize your Annual Campaign

How to Build (and Follow!) a Fundraising Roadmap

It’s Time to Get Ready for the Changes to the Overtime Pay Rules

Teaching the Next Generation About Philanthropy

Four Smart Ways to Avoid Burnout for Nonprofit Professionals

Updated: And the 2016 Platinum Superstar Is ...

GuideStar's 6 Tips for Busting the Overhead Myth

Federal Judge Tosses Unpaid Intern Claims: Four Takeaways—and Good News—for Nonprofit Employers with Internship Programs

10 Trending Nonprofit Profiles (Did Clinton and Trump make the cut?)

Some positive feedback and appreciation for funders

Development Impact Bond year one results: What do they mean to the service provider?

Some Early Answers

What Millennial Marketing Strategies Can Teach Nonprofits about Motivating Donors

6 reasons why your nonprofit absolutely needs a junior board

Why and How Do Nonprofits Work Together?

4 Beliefs That Limit Corporate Funding

A Foundation CEO’s Six-Step Formula for Winning a Grant

5 Key Findings from GuideStar's 2016 Nonprofit Compensation Report

A Brief Analysis of the Clinton and Trump Foundations

5 Steps to a Stellar GuideStar Nonprofit Profile

6 Tips for a Board Fundraising Makeover

Everyday People Are Heroes: Using Big Data to Engage New Agents of Change Online

90-Day Checklist for New Fundraisers

Case Study: This Organization Got Board Responsibility Right

Six Signs Your Nonprofit Is Ripe for Fraud

Partner Down

FASB Modifies Not-for-Profit Accounting Rules

The Nonprofit Summer Games Closing Ceremonies

6 Back to School Lessons for Online Fundraising

Why the new overtime rules are good for nonprofits and thus for our community

Foundation Transparency: Game Over?

What Might a BRIDGE-Enabled World Look Like?

A Better Way to Explore the Nonprofit Sector

The Key to Great Year-end Fundraising? Your Brand

Stark Realities Every Fundraiser Must Face

Impact Investment – now a global movement

5 Simple Metrics Every Nonprofit Should Track and Why

Adding to your Board? Top 10 Questions to Ask when Choosing a Board Recruiting Service

4 Common Website Problems that Cost You Members and Revenue

Learning What Matters to Nonprofits

The 5 Biggest Benefits of Nonprofit Automation

Opening a Window on Your Nonprofit’s Performance

7 Ways to Get Millennials Involved with Your Cause

We need to stop treating nonprofits the way society treats poor people

Trying to engage donors? Behave yourself!

Win Up to $500 in the Nonprofit Summer Games

IRS Updates, July 2016

The Seven Cardinal Rules of Fundraising Writing

Your Supporters are Talking. Are You Listening?

What Would You Ask the World’s Most Successful Fundraisers?

8 Best Practices for Building an Online Donation Page

Four Early Lessons Learned in the Quest to Improve Feedback Loops in Philanthropy

Tell People What You Believe In

Oprah is Not a Fundraising Strategy (And 8 Other Truth Bombs)

Brexit: A lesson on power for the philanthropic state

Two New Resources for the Nonprofit Diversity Conversation

Analysis of Catholic Fundraising Foundations

Embrace Relationship Fundraising to Stop Losing Donors

Foundation Status Code Added to GuideStar Charity Check

Volunteering vs. Serving on a Board vs. Donating – What Nonprofit Role is Best for You?

GuideStar at a Glance for Foundations

How to Turn a "No" From a Foundation Into a "Yes"

5 Reasons Your Board Should Care About Fundraising Compliance

Keep It Simple: Initiatives to Eliminate Busywork and Save Time

IRS Releases Electronically Filed Form 990 Data

Forget Everything You Know About Direct Mail Fundraising

New Giving Record Is More Than a Number

Resources for Nonprofits on the New Overtime Rule

7 Hopeful Trends in Philanthropy

Thinking of hosting your own Impact Call?

Little Fundraiser Annie: The Gift Will Come in Tomorrow

How to Build a CRM That Works for You

Is the IRS Form 1023-EZ Too EZ?

Donors Don’t Want Their Gifts Spent on Overhead … Or Do They?

Following Up on the Investing in Infrastructure Letter

Top Trends in Volunteering and Volunteer Screening

Navigating State Fundraising Regulations

Danger, Will Grantmaker or DAF! Don't Use GuideStar Premium or GuideStar Pro to Verify Grant and Distribution Recipients

Be One of the First to Try GuideStar’s New Nonprofit Search

Quid Pro Quo: The Fastest Way to Deaden Your Board

How to Use Corporate Philanthropy Across Your Fundraising Strategies

3 reasons to utilize your relationships with private foundations

Seven Ways a Board Member Can Support His or Her Executive Director and Organization

Become a better fundraiser by liberating your creative side

An Unexpected Career: Building Plumbing for Philanthropy

When It Comes to Fundraising, Volunteers Get It Right ... and Sometimes Wrong

Why Can’t the Nonprofit and Philanthropic Sector Scale Generosity? #givedaylessons

GuideStar Platinum: Measuring Nonprofit Performance at Scale

How would Walt Disney treat your donors?

Make It Rain: Tips and Tricks for Nonprofit Crowdfunding Success

Lessons for Fundraisers from Money for Good 2015: Interview with Hope Neighbor and Alison Carlman

Influencing Public as Well as Philanthropic Efforts

Overcoming Fundraising Reluctance: Tips for Board Members

Is your organization ready for GuideStar Platinum?

A Funder’s Perspective: The Journey to Grantmaking

The Impact of Form 1023-EZ

Why I emailed hundreds of colleagues about GuideStar

Trends in Government Contracting Survey: Have Your Say to Win a $200 Donation to Your Nonprofit!

The Nonprofit Communicator's Guide to GuideStar

New Discussion Section in the GuideStar Community

The Next Generation of Nonprofit Data Standards

Dude, what’s with this notion that nonprofits don’t have clear outcomes?

How Have Organizations That Depend on Government Grants Fared?  Part 2

The Definitive List of the Best Silent Auction Items

Webinar Follow-up: How a Performance Dashboard Can Engage and Inform Your Board: One Nonprofit’s Story

Coming Soon: A Tool to Break the Overhead Myth

How to Avoid Limitless Job Responsibilities in Nonprofit CEO Searches

6 Tips for Turning Advocates into Donors and Vice Versa

The Top Three Things Volunteers Need to Know about Fundraising

3 Types of Social Content Marketing Every Nonprofit Needs

What is the Cloud, and is it right for your organization?

Have We Forgotten Anyone?

Multi tasking with your eyes on the prize

No numbers without stories, no stories without numbers

Be a Google Ads SuperHero: Free Nonprofit Webinar

Evolution or Revolution? How Do We Create a Fundraising Board?

Nonprofit Excellence in an Outcomes-Based World

Corporate Philanthropy: An Overlooked Source of Fundraising for Nonprofits

Why Investing in Social Innovation Is the Most Important Thing Grantmakers Can Do This Year

What to Do When Your GuideStar Nonprofit Profile Manager Deserts You

Capital Campaign Basics: 7 Steps to Success

Today’s Grantmakers: A Roller Coaster of Changes

The myth of double-dipping, and the destructiveness of restricted funding

How to Double Online Giving in Six Months

Six Steps to Engage Your Board Using a Performance Dashboard

5 Cures for Your Worst Fundraising Challenges

IRS Changes 990-N Filing Procedures

How Foundations Use the New GuideStar Nonprofit Profile

Why Creating Space for Creative Time in the Nonprofit Workplace Improves Productivity

The Great Fundraisers

How to Get Your Nonprofit Listed on GuideStar

4 traits every nonprofit board member should possess

Interview with Muhammad Yunus

What Dating Taught Me About Fundraising

Board Recruiting Best Practices

How Grants Get Made (Hint: It’s By Grants Managers)

It's Time for a Quick Financial Check-Up

GuideStar Impact Call Q1 2016 Follow-Up

Clearing Up Confusion about U.S. Nonprofits

Common nonprofit terms and concepts and what they actually mean

Online Fundraising and Charitable Solicitation Registration

Myths, Misconceptions, and Mistakes: The Wounded Warrior Project

Introducing the GuideStar Community - Getting You the Nonprofit Support You Need

Redefining Innovation in Today's Social Sector

Open Data Set to Reshape Charity and Activism in 2016

The BRIDGE Is Open! New Lookup Tool Identifies Global Social Sector Entities

What Forms 990 Can and Can’t Tell Us About Wounded Warrior Project

Book Giveaway: Nonprofit Fundraising 101 by @dheyman

How Have Organizations That Depend on Government Grants Fared?

Impact Auditing for Smarter Giving

Follow Up: New Nonprofit Profile Preview: Your Organization’s Full Story, Now Front and Center

Why Venture Philanthropy Is the Future of Giving

Yes, You Can Still Download 990s for Free

The 2015 GuideStar Blog Top 10 Countdown

Giving Has No Season Contest

Introducing the New GuideStar Nonprofit Profile

Insights into Nonprofit Compensation and Diversity

Please Tell Your Friends: “Updating Is Free” Means … “Updating Is Free”

Five Things I Wish I’d Learned Sooner about Fundraising Writing

Free Webinar: Happy & Healthy – 10 Tips for Impact without Burnout

Nonprofit Finance and Accounting Resolutions for the New Year

The #1 New Year’s Resolution for Fundraisers

Beyond Employee Giving: How LinkedIn Approaches Corporate Social Responsibility (And How You Can, Too)

The 2015 GuideStar Newsletter Top 10

Charitable Giving Incentives Now Permanent

Join the Data Revolution

Just Hear No: Dealing with Rejection

Ask Andrea: "High Roller" Donor Tactics

Precepts for the Supremely Successful Board

Philanthropy and the Social Economy: Blueprint 2016

What’s Better for Philanthropy than Zuckerberg’s $45 Billion Gift?

10 Ways Small Nonprofits Can Improve Their Major Gift Fundraising

Addressing the “Development Director Problem” with Relationship Capital

My Worst Fundraising Moment

Facts, Not Anecdotes; Fundamentals, Not Fads

Forward-Thinking vs. Backward Philanthropy

INFOGRAPHIC: The ULTIMATE Thank You for Nonprofits

Strengthen Your Fundraising Appeal with the “MPI” Formula

How to Give with Your Head & Heart in 4 Easy Steps

Top 9 Tips for Managing Your Junior Board

5 Reasons the Public Is Losing Interest in Your Cause

Women at the Table: Placing Policy into Practice

Four Fundraising Traps and How to Avoid Them

The Golden Key to Grantwriting

New Study Explores Trends and Challenges Impacting Nonprofit Finance and Accounting Professionals

4 Tips for Cultivating Corporate Volunteers

Five Simple Steps to Better Giving: A #GivingTuesday Must-Read

Build a Better World with GuideStar

Debunking the 15% Overhead for Good

Announcing My Next Book: The Happy, Healthy Nonprofit

Women in Nonprofits: Then & Now

Never Lose Sight of These Bedrock Fundraising Truths

5 Rules to Get Year-End Appeals Read

Nonprofit HR and GuideStar Need Your Insight on Nonprofit Employment Practices

21 Discovery Questions to Ask Now

Hidden Business Opportunities in GuideStar Data

Women in Nonprofit Leadership

Green 2.0 Reports Lack of Transparency about Diversity by Major Environmental Funders, While Many Smaller Foundations Disclosed Data

Free New GuideStar Report: U.S. Veterans Organizations by the Numbers

More Than Giving Thanks, A Day For Giving Back

Breaking Down Barriers to Expand Data for Social Good

Using Guilt in Fundraising

Five Steps to a Stellar GuideStar Nonprofit Profile

4 Mistakes that Doom your Nonprofit's Information Design

3 Unique Ways Your Current Donors Can Help You Acquire New Donors with Social Media

Top Giving Tuesday Strategies and Resources

5 Must Do Steps for GivingTuesday Fundraising Campaigns

Redesigned Nonprofit Profiles on GuideStar

6 Ways Nonprofits Can Prepare For Year-End Giving Season

Smarter Nonprofit Networking: Building a Professional Network That Works for You

Governance, Governance, Governance

Does Your Nonprofit Have A Wellness Strategy for Staff?

How to Write a Winning Grant Proposal

Ask Andrea: Build a Volunteer Program to Boost Your Fundraising?

Secrets of Great Fundraisers

Is the nonprofit gender gap closing?

Breaking Through Millennial Cynicism

29 Ideas for #GivingTuesday 2015 You Haven't Thought Of

Four Keys to Cultivating a Donor

What Charities Do Americans Most Generously Support?

9 Valuable Short-Cuts to Influence Nonprofit Donors

The State of Public Trust in Charities

Closed for Business: The Billions Nonprofits Are Missing Out On

What is Driving Syrians to Seek Refuge in Europe?

Everyone’s a giver in the nonprofit sector—or are they?

Asking for the gift your donors want to give

GlobalGiving Powers Philanthropy Behind Sustainable Development Goals

GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report Webinar Follow-up

Utilizing Technology to Effectively Recruit New Junior Board Members (pt 3 of 3)

Top Ways to Engage Non-Development Board Members in Development

The Evil Cousin of Fundraising

How to Deal with High Maintenance Volunteers

Foundations and Transparency in the World of Open Data

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Money for Good 2015: There’s $22 Billion Up for Grabs


The 7 Biggest Mistakes In Handling Donor Data

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Better Data Makes For A Better World

5 Board Fundraising Myths – BUSTED!


Data Science, a Critical Tool in the Nonprofit World in 2015

Updating your GuideStar Nonprofit Profile Just Got Easier! Here’s Why.

Board Recruiting Best Practices – Where and When should your board meet?


Founder’s Syndrome and Fundraising

Happiness and Fundraising: How Are They Linked?

A Key Question on Donors' Minds: Why Are You Asking Me?

A Battle of Mythic Proportions

Expanding Engagement Through the Power of Influencers

Using GuideStar as a Student

3 Facts You Need to Know to Plan A Profitable Fundraising Event

Want to Increase Nonprofit Funding? Start by Increasing your Transparency

GlobalGiving’s Big Bet

Center for Responsive Politics Receives Knight News Challenge Award from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

3 Ways Gamification Can Help You Reach (And Retain) Your Donors

Transparency – One Way To Do It

Foundation Heads Call on Peers to Publicize Diversity Data

How Not-for-Profits Can Make Pledge Forms More Transparent

The #1 Reason Boards Fail (and 10 Ways to Fix it)

Break Free From the Mold: Get Personalized Tips from the Fundraising Advisor!

Your Insights Needed on Employee Engagement Trends and Expectations

Eight Factors to Consider Before Planning Your Charity Auction

Busted: Nonprofits Will Have to Pay the Photography Piper

Take The Right Steps Towards Smart Data Marketing

Ask Andrea

A Call for Diversity Data Is Met With Silence by Many Green Funders. What’s That About?

Strategies for Getting Staff Excited About Data

Your Best Nonprofit Volunteers May Be Retirees

A Proven Playbook for Increased Effectiveness

The First Question a Donor Asks

Use Board Member Bingo to Make Board Retreats Fun!

The Paradox of Direct Mail

Board Recruiting Best Practices – What do you REALLY want from me?

After the All Hands Meeting (Or, why Personal Connections are so Important)

6 Tips to Get Buy-In for your Data Management Project

Can it Really be Twenty-One Years? A GuideStar Case Study

Measurement as Learning: Executive Summary

How to Give Without Spending a Cent

Telling Your Story to Stand Out

And some additional information from Idealist:

Inefficiencies Still Plaguing NPOs in 2015

Top Tips for Efficient Board Management

4 Pitfalls to Avoid When Investing in New Tech

The Power of Visual Storytelling

Sherlocking Trends in Philanthropy

Ask Andrea: What's the best way to improve my fundraising chops?

From Figures to Fundraising: How to apply Giving USA

Culture of Philanthropy: Why You Need it; 6 Ways to Get it

5 Ways to Get Your Nonprofit Stand Out From the Crowd

The Art of Facilitating Virtual Meetings with Sticky Notes

Data With Integrity

Is Your Nonprofit Ready to Play a Leading Role?

Fundraising: handshake or hot potato?

Do You Really, Seriously Need a Board Retreat?

Easy Donor Retention Wins for Everyone

The 3 Keys to Social Media Success

Looking for a Dream Nonprofit Job? Idealist and GuideStar Want to Help!

How Social Good is Becoming a Real, Measurable Thing (and why that’s wonderful)

The Importance of Measuring Volunteer Impact

How to Get Your Press Release Noticed

Community Foundations: How Organizational Change Results in Positive Community Change, Part 2

Federal Appeals Court Affirms Mandatory Filing of Unredacted Donor List by Charities Registered for Solicitations in California

Motivating Boards to Raise Money

Data's role in your nonprofit storytelling strategy

Ask Andrea: How do we know if we're ready for a capital campaign?

5 Ways for Board Members to Support Fundraising (Without Making an Ask)

Community Foundations: How Organizational Change Results in Positive Community Change, Part 1

4 Easy Tips to Jumpstart your Donor Data Cleanup

The GuideStar Blog: We’d Love Your Feedback!

Partner to Solve Social Problems; Stop Acting in Silos

State Annual Charity Registration Made Easy (Finally)

Cyber Security for Not-for-profits

Community Foundations: Building Knowledge to Facilitate Successful Organizational Impact, Part 2

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Is Your Brand Healthy? Four Steps to Give It a Checkup

On Living Out your Nonprofit’s Values

Q&A with James Lum: GuideStar’s Impact Calls Deliver Results-Based Information to Stakeholders

Community Foundations: Building Knowledge to Facilitate Successful Organizational Impact, Part 1

3 Surefire Ways To Identify Major Gift Prospects

Proposal Writing Pain Be Gone!

New Text Message Review Feature Offers Nonprofits Instant Feedback

You Said Big Data, But You Meant B.I.

Facebook in 2015 – What Nonprofits Need to Know

Questions From "Demystifying the Form 990" Free GuideStar Webinar

How do I Explain a Reserve to My Donors?

16 (yes, 16!) Easy Ways to Lead Your Organization’s Culture Shift

7 jaw dropping things I learned at AFP ICON by Rachel Muir

5 trends changing big data for nonprofits

Do Nonprofits and Donors Align When it Comes to Engagement?

GuideStar Exchange Discounts for Spring and Summer FMA Courses

Identifying Donor Experiences That Drive Commitment

Fundraising: Do Your Board Members Understand the Big Picture?

3 Tips for Building Social Engagement with Volunteers

Ask Andrea: How to Raise Money for a Very Small Organization

Questions from Board Building Sessions

Ten Signs of Financial Trouble for Board Members

5 Tips to Shine in LinkedIn Groups

A Theory of Everything

Building community: another term for fundraising

Guess What Percentage of Volunteers do the Majority of the Volunteering

The ALS Ice Bucket Donor Retention Challenge

How to Go Viral Without 40 Million Fans

7 Follow Up Questions About 7 Habits

With Charitable Giving Tactics Old and New, Nimble Nonprofits Win

What Matters Most to Folks at Nonprofits?

How to Make the Most out of Conferences

4 Things Clothing Upcycling Can Teach Nonprofits about Keeping Donors

16 Top Nonprofits Working in the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Sector Identified by 82 Experts

2 Methods for Justifying Personalized Donor Communications

The Portal Problem—Three Keys to the Funder's Door

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It's Easier for a Nonprofit to Save Money than It Is to Raise It!

Beyond Wealth: 5 Ways to Leverage Data to Find Your Most Valuable Donors

Ask Andrea: Board Members and Donors

Must See Speakers at AFP ICON

Nonprofit Meeting Culture: Beth & Andrea Answer Your FAQs

Six Important Tips For Your IRS Form 990

Beyond Alphabet Soup: 5 Guidelines For Data Sharing

Master the Art of Writing Captions!

Philanthropy, Diversity, and Equity

How Fundraising Is Turning into "Fund Marketing"

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Organizations

Fundraising Training Exercise: The Gift Is Just the Beginning

Lawyer | Nonprofit Connect

Working with Minimizing and Maximizing Tendencies

Relationship Fundraising Comes of Age

Honoring Nonprofit CFOs

Three False Assumptions Looming Behind Big Data

Nonprofit Financial Statements: Change is Coming

5 Nonprofit Fundraising Predictions for 2015 and Beyond

Thank you for sharing your #Nonprofitluv

The Board's Role in Donor Cultivation

Pruning Deadwood from Your Board

Ask Andrea – Fresh Perspectives on Fundraising

Hiding in Plain Sight

Trusting Technology to Overcome Management Challenges in Your Nonprofit

Better Data, Better Decisions, Better World

Join GuideStar's First 2015 Impact Call!

Blogging For Nonprofits- How To Get Started

The Power of a Six-Month Thank You: Making donor impact real

Challenge Your Board, Raise More Money

One Small Step for Government, One Giant Leap for Nonprofits

Why Donors Leave

Walking As Work: Why Movement Is the Killer App

4 Things Clothing Upcycling Can Teach Nonprofits about Keeping Donors

Stop the Excuses! 4 Reasons to Start Using Video Calls

Streamline Your Marketing With Mindful Business Strategies

So Many Portals, So Little Time!

Getting Your Money’s Worth From a Nonprofit Consultant

Celebrate your #Nonprofitluv this February with GuideStar

Why Are Nonprofits So Terrible At Acknowledging Gifts?

3 Big Data Trends Nonprofits Should Take Advantage of This Year

Think Like a Donor

Using Stories for Fundraising

How Many 800-Pound Issues Is Your Board Finessing?

A Short Guide to Thoughtful Rebranding

Building a Business Plan Around the 'Engine for Good'

The Shocking Truth about Marketing and Development for Nonprofits

Using Data to Build Nonprofit Advocacy Capacity

Marrying Social With PR At Your Nonprofit

5 Tips to a Better Board Report

Five Tips to Launch Your Grantseeking in 2015

IRS Issues Final Regulations on New Requirements for Tax-Exempt Hospitals

Fundraising Training Exercise: Active Listening—What Did You Hear?

The Articles You Read Most Last Year

Four Key Indicators of Nonprofit Success

Saying Sayonara to 2014: Our Top 5 Blog Posts

Going Responsive

Does Rigorous Data Analysis Thwart Effective Storytelling by Non-Profits?

Leverage Social Platforms to Raise Awareness for Your Cause

Helping You with Your Year-End Giving

5 Resources To Help Build Your 2015 Fundraising Plan

Help Choose GuideStar’s 2015 Webinars!

Big Data Starts with Strong Relationships

Questions I'm Most Often Asked about Building a Planned Giving Program

2015 Heralds a New Openness for Grantmakers

Ready or not, here comes the new single audit

Maximize End of Year Giving While You’re Out of the Office

How to Measure Impact on #GivingTuesday to Apply Next Year & Every Year

How Your CEO Can Use Social for Thought Leadership

How Technology Impacts Your Relationships with Senior Citizens

Why Big Data Is Such A Big Deal

The New GuideStar Home Page

To Increase Your Organization’s Impact, Work With People Who Reflect Your Values

How Independent Schools are Focused on Endowments and Fundraising in a More Competitive World

Top Strategic Mistakes Nonprofits Make, Part 3

Statistics and Damn Lies (and Your Case Statement)

Program Redesign & GuideStar Membership

The Gift of Technology: Maximizing the Holiday Giving Season

When Storytelling Isn’t Enough

On Walking the Walk: Being a Better Donor

5 Insights Into Nonprofit Board Practices You Should Know

3 Steps to Smart Year-End Fundraising

Web Forms Are This Year’s Santa’s Little Helpers

Another Billion Reasons to Love GuideStar: Our Impact through Your Impact

Lean Startup and Impact Philosophy Falls Short in the Nonprofit Sector

Coming Soon to the GuideStar Website

Get Ready for #GivingTuesday with the GuideStar Exchange

Questions I'm Most Often Asked About Raising $1 Million

How can you Fundraise SMARTER -- not harder?

Rolling Out a Platform to Provide Diversity Data

Collaborative BRIDGE Project Makes Big Progress Toward Sharing Crucial Information Worldwide

Keep Financial Statements Simple

GuideStar Receives $3 Million Strategic Investment towards $10 Million Capital Campaign

The #1 Reason Board Members Fail

Join Us for a Live Special Announcement During Our Third Quarter Impact Call

Nonprofits: Ban These Phrases from Your Vocabulary

Fundraising Training Exercise: Fundraising from the Inside Out

Top Strategic Mistakes Nonprofits Make, Part 2

GuideStar Exchange + #GivingTuesday + AmazonSmile = your nonprofit’s fundraising success

Reactivate Your Email List (Case Study)

Help Your Supporters Do Good with These Apps

Should the Pareto Principle Apply to Fundraising?

Beth Kanter Keynotes Social Media for Nonprofits in Chicago

Help move the sector from an Overhead Myth to an Overhead Solution

System Automation: Trusting Technology To Help You Do More

A Nonprofit Board’s Fiduciary Responsibility

NPC’s Four Pillar Approach

Major Gifts Fundraising: The Questions I Hear Most Often

Does Organizational Staff Size Affect Grant Activity?

Good News Travels Fast

The Two Faces Of Data

Good strategy needs sound data: response to ‘Strategic Philanthropy for a Complex World’

Managing Attention Online

7 Perfect Responses to Overcome a Donor’s Objections to a Visit

The Lake Washington Declaration

Questions I'm Most Often Asked About Case Statements

Top Strategic Mistakes Nonprofits Make, Part 1

Help Us Help You! Take GuideStar's Impact Survey

Donor Data is Your Friend! 5 Steps to Get You Started

Super Short is Super Sweet: Storytelling that Hooks Digital Donors

The Overhead Myth meets your Overhead Reality

2014 GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report Now Available

ISO … A Great Development Director

Listening to Feedback Improves Fundraising Results for Nonprofits

Questions I'm Most Often Asked About Keeping Your Donors for Life

Benchmarks to Guide Your Grantseeking

Giving Honest Feedback to Your Board on How They're Doing with Fundraising

Taking Nonprofit Inbound Marketing Automation to the Next Level

Basics of Social Automation for Nonprofits

11 Tips On How to Write Original Appeal Letters

The importance of slowness in the development office

What’s your good deed for today?

10 Ways Board Members can Help their Nonprofits find the Right Software

Standards for Excellence Proud to be ‘External Perspective’ Program Listed on GuideStar

Nonprofits' Special Data Needs

Celebrating Our Past, Looking to Our Future

How do we think about political nonprofits?

Throwing in the Towel

Fundraising Training Exercise: Building a Board Fundraising Ladder

Celebrating Our Past, Looking to Our Future

Pouring Lukewarm Water on the #IceBucketChallenge

Four Fun Ways to Show Donors Your Heartfelt Thanks

Follow-Up from Vanessa Chase's August 21 Webinar with GuideStar, "Storytelling Basics for Nonprofits"

How to Work When No One is Watching

Measuring Fundraising Progress

How Major Charities Like the American Red Cross Are Energizing Supporters with WebThriftStore

The New Donor Engagement Reality: A Shifting Definition in the Era of the Online Experience

Top Five Damned Fool Questions about Charity Golf

Whoosh, Doldrums, Whoosh: The power of an ambitious goal

Low Donor Retention Takes More Than A Board Meeting To Solve

New Startup Creates Virtual Online Fundraisers

5 Steps For Identifying a Trustworthy Tech Vendor

Transparency, Inclusion and Collaboration: Three Ways Philanthropy Can Take Its Own Medicine

Is Your Content Missing this Vital Ingredient?

Call for Applications to the LeaderSpring Fellowship Program for Nonprofit Executive Directors

Top 10 Major Donor Fundraising Trends for 2014-2015

Making a Case: The Magic of the Word

Join Social Media for Nonprofits in Austin, Texas August 13

Five Great Ways to Get Your New Board Members on Board

Dialogue about the Hewlett Foundation’s Nonprofit Marketplace Initiative

Measuring Nonprofit Effectiveness: Interview with Lindsay Nichols

Peace of Mind – It’s as Easy as Pushing a Button

How One Question Changed This Nonprofit Board Meeting

Clearing Up the Myth about GuideStar and the Overhead Ratio

How to Be Unique: 3 Creative Ways to Amplify Your Reach

4 Tips to Create a Powerful Nonprofit Video Marketing Strategy

GuideStar Unveils Strategic Vision for Strengthening the Nonprofit Sector by 2020 during Next Impact Call

Rising Expectations in a Rapidly Changing World

Unleashing Organizational Possibilities, Part Three: The First Big Gift

How Your Charity Can Avoid the Donor Fatigue Trap

Justin Bieber vs. the Gates Foundation

Branding yourself as a nonprofit consultant

The New Donor Engagement Reality: Bottom-Line Priorities for the Online Experience

What Does Your Organization Do? How to Answer This Question with a Compelling Story

Questions I'm Most Often Asked About Raising Major Gifts

A list of social enterprises: why does it not exist?

5 Strategies to Generate More Donations at Your Nonprofit

Balancing Philanthropic Travel and Voluntourism with Family Time

The Next Big Thing

Millennials and Philanthropy: Musings from the Field

Fundraising Training Exercise: What Drew You to This Work?

What You Need to Know about Giving USA 2014

New 1023-EZ Form Makes Applying for 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Status Easier; Most Charities Qualify

The Future of the Nonprofit Workplace: Introducing the Mobile Office

Friends Don’t Let Friends Use Excel to Manage Grants

Yes, the Donor Pyramid is Really Dead: An Open Response to Andrea Kihlstedt

Key Questions to Engage, Upgrade and Solicit Your Donor

Build Strong & Lasting Relationships -- A Case Study

12 Ways to Liven Up Your Board Meetings – And Your Board

3 Ways Companies Can Reach Millennials Through Cause Work

GuideStar Exchange June 25 Webinar Follow-up Questions

Thinking of a new CRM system? Keep these tips in mind!

4 Reasons To Involve Your Board In Choosing Donor Software

Is The Donor Pyramid Really Dead? An Open Letter to Claire Axelrad from Andrea Kihlstedt

4 Incentives To Offer International Volunteers

How to Partner with Programs to Raise More Revenue

Turning to Strategy after the Audit: A Calendar of Activities

GuideStar’s 2020 Vision

Fundraising Questions I'm Most Often Asked

Three Steps to Move a First-Time Giver into a Major Donor

Knowledge-Based Grantseeking: What Is It?

Our Site Is Changing

Unleashing Organizational Possibilities, Part Two: Build a Team

Do You Have a Culture of Philanthropy?

Trying to Make Sense Out of Fundraising Data

Error Discovered in 2013 GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report

GuideStar DonorEdge Learning Conference: Reflections from the Innovation Lab

Aunt Frances’ Recipe for 5-Star Fundraising

4 Business Skills That Can Help Your Nonprofit Succeed

Three Questions to Ask before You Finalize That Fiscal Year Budget

Offers Wanted (in Donor Newsletters)

An Introduction To Promoting Yourself On LinkedIn

Unleashing Organizational Possibilities, Part One: The Big Idea at the Beginning of Serious Fundraising

Conducting a User Feedback Session

Free nonprofit information available

The Development Corner: Beth Suarez on "The Great Debate"

Getting Your Board on Board with Social Media: Part II

Top 6 Tips for Taking Your Cause Mobile

Stepping up your nonprofit's social media engagement

5 Reasons Why Every NPO Board Should Have Term Limits

Getting Your Board on Board with Social Media: Part I (of II)

Google Ad Grants: Providing Nonprofits $10,000 Free In-Kind Monthly Advertising [Infographic]

How to Maximize Fundraising Using Social Media

Thinking about Networks

Seven Ways to Avoid Toxicity in the Workplace

Board Wrinkles: The Questions I'm Most Often Asked

Stay the Course to Raise Major Gifts

When is it appropriate to divert designated funds for general fund uses?

How to Live Tweet: An Overview

Get the Budget You Need to Do Marketing Right

Our latest Impact Call: We want your feedback

5 Tips for a Happier and More Effective Board

15 Reasons to Re-evaluate Your Nonprofit Financial Management Software

Transparency: Why it matters to your non-profit

Small Steps for Effective Board Meetings

Informed Giving Does Matter

Important Research Insights about Donor Satisfaction and Community Foundation Value

Fundraising Training Exercise: Where's the Money?

Five Steps to Starting an Endowment: Even Smaller Nonprofits Can

A Framework to Communicate Philanthropy

Data for Development: How nonprofits can use big data to access new donor networks

What the rating services should really tell us

Use Social Partnerships To Make Your Nonprofit Stand Out

How to Get People Excited About Your Nonprofit’s Next Fundraising Campaign

A Framework to Communicate Philanthropy

How to Build Trust with New Volunteers

Top Twelve Tips for Courting New Board Members

The World’s Largest Online Earth Day Celebration, Spring of Sustainability (SoS), Kicks off Today, April 22nd

Register for GuideStar's Next Impact Call

Black, White, or Gray: How are Your Fundraising Ethics?

Mixed Reports on Nonprofit Fundraising and Welfare

The Questions I'm Most Often Asked About Donor Communications

Establishing CEO Compensation

Upgrading Your ERP System? Not So Fast. Consider Reimplementation

Terrible Board Members Are Created, Not Born

Charitable Design: 4 Ways to Decorate a Nonprofit Office

Prohibited Discrimination in Hiring: Disparate Treatment and Disparate Impact

Strategic Financial Management Webinar Series Begins April 15th

Nonprofits: Get Ready for Charity Navigator 3.0

What to Do When Pressured to Get & Use Big Data?

If a shout doesn’t work, try a whisper -- effectively deepening board engagement

3 Smart Strategies to Boost Your Online Fundraising

The dark side of nonprofit monthly giving

Is It Time for a Murder Board?

Most People Skim. Few Read Deep.

Just Getting On Board or Getting Up to Speed?

4 ways to make your online auction a success

How (Not) To Manage a Project

Become a better storyteller at the FREE Weekend in Boca VII

This blog post is being written on a mobile device

For Women’s History Month, Philanthropedia Celebrates 6 Top Women’s Issues Nonprofits

Nonprofits Leading the Charge in Disaster Cleanup

Challenges and Benefits of Nonprofit Event Fundraising

Nonprofit Career Myths: 8 that Nobody Should Believe

Identify, Engage, Solicit, Steward, Repeat

Questions I'm Most Often Asked about Boards and Fundraising

High-Speed Trends in Philanthropy: An Oxymoron

Increasing Donations for Charities Has Never Been Easier

3 Tips to Help the College-to-Workplace Transition

How NOT To Waste Money on Branded Swag

Key Findings for 2013 Charitable Giving Report

The Affordable Care Act and Nonprofit Organizations: An Overview

Jargon & Gargoyles: How to Not Bore Your Donors to Death

Comprehensive nonprofit data and information: There’s an API for that

Time to Recommit to Your Privacy Policy

Performance Insights: If It Matters, It Can Be Measured

Avoiding Legal Issues when Posting on Social Networks

Getting Started as a Fundraising Trainer

Stuck with Impossible Goals? Here's Help!

Nonprofit Insurance Coverage: You Need More Than a Directors and Officers Policy