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Amplify the Voice of Nonprofits This Year

Amplify the Voice of Nonprofits This Year

As the new year approaches and we step back to reflect upon 2017, I hope you are as inspired as I am by the good works we have seen in the nonprofit sector. As individual organizations working at the local, state, national, and international levels, and as a collective entity, nonprofits have been at the heart of social change in 2017. You have shared in their successes and challenges, and we hope you will join us in making sure their voices are heard in 2018 and beyond. 

At GuideStar, we are inspired every day by the impact nonprofits are having in addressing issues of hunger, poverty, literacy, climate change, and so much more. And we are committed to helping nonprofits tell their stories and convey their value to stakeholders 

By empowering nonprofits to share information about their missions, programs and results, governance, and finances, GuideStar is helping amplify their voice and ensuring that donors like you have the information you need to make informed giving decisions.  

Simply stated, GuideStar believes that better data leads to better giving decisions and a better world. We hope you will join us in helping nonprofits deliver greater impact to the individuals and communities they serve. 

As you finalize your year-end giving, please consider making a gift to GuideStar. As a nonprofit ourselves, GuideStar must rely on the support of those who actively use our resources. With your gift, we can continue to enhance and expand upon our nonprofit data and intelligence, and ensure it is readily available whenever and wherever you need it. 

Let us continue to be inspired as we work together to strengthen nonprofits in 2018 and beyond. Thank you for your partnership and support!   

P.S. Remember December 31 is your final opportunity to make a 2017 tax-deductible contribution. A gift to GuideStar will go far in helping nonprofits get the exposure they need while guiding donors in making confident giving decisions. Donate today. 

Amplify the Voice of Nonprofits This YearBeth Suarez is GuideStar's director of philanthropic relations.

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