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Analysis of Catholic Fundraising Foundations

2015-religious-foundations-250x324.jpgA growing number of religious organizations
are relying on stand-alone fundraising foundations to increase overall contributions and endowment giving. A new report by Walter J. Dillingham Jr. of the Wilmington Trust, "The Advancement of Religious-Based Fundraising Foundations in the United States," analyzes Catholic fundraising foundations.

Among its findings:

  • Some 67 percent of Catholic dioceses have separate fundraising foundations
  • Most of the foundations were established since 1980
  • Many of the organizations have a regional focus
  • Most of the foundations are growing quickly
  • Most of the foundations are adopting multiple fundraising strategies, rather than relying solely on annual appeals
  • Many of the organizations are rebranding themselves from diocese foundations to community foundations

In additional to examining trends among Catholic foundations, the report analyzes the benefits and costs of separate foundations, offers fundraising tips, and examines the foundations' investment, governance, and disclosure practices.

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