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"Some Kind of Philanthropist": Super Bowl Contenders on the Charity Playing Field


"Some kind of football player." If you've ever watched a professional football game on television, you've probably heard the phrase. The sportscasters are right: the men who clash on the gridiron are talented athletes and fierce competitors.

Ten Reasons to Make Your Charitable Donations Now


Arthur "Buzz" Schmidt Named Nonprofit Executive of the Year


Buzz SchmidtAs hard as he tries, Arthur "Buzz" Schmidt, Jr. can't help but look a little rumpled, even in a new suit. "One of our directors, who's always giving me a hard time about how funny I look, said, 'If you're ever successful at GuideStar, we're going to have to get you a new suit.' I don't think it's the suit, I think it's me," said Schmidt, the president of Philanthropic Research, which created GuideStar in 1994.