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America's Tradition of Giving and Volunteering


Clinton Proposes Philanthropy Initiatives


We should do more to help Americans help each other. First, we should help faith-based organizations to do more to fight poverty and drug abuse, and help people get back on the right track, with initiatives like Second Chance Homes that do so much to help unwed teen mothers. Second, we should support Americans who tithe and contribute to charities, but don't earn enough to claim a tax deduction for it. Tonight, I propose new tax incentives that would allow low- and middle-income citizens who don't itemize to get that deduction. It's nothing but fair, and it will get more people to give."

            —President William J. Clinton, State of the Union Address, January 27, 2000

2000 Presidential Candidates' Positions on Charity


And they're off! The 2000 presidential race is officially underway. Both parties' frontrunners have made charity part of their platforms, and other presidential hopefuls have also addressed the issue.