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Heart, Body, and Soul: Nonprofits Dedicated to Good Health for All


In honor of American Heart Month, February 2001, GuideStar asked nonprofits engaged in the fight against diseases to share their experiences.

From smoke-free workplaces to public service ads urging us to live healthy lifestyles, nonprofits dedicated to fighting diseases have had a tremendous impact on American life. The organizations continue to engage in an impressive range of activities.

As they work to achieve their missions, the groups must overcome many of the same problems confronting nonprofits throughout the independent sector. They also encounter additional difficulties arising from the nature of their work. Despite these challenges, the nonprofits' staffs and volunteers stay focused on their goals

New Approaches: What's Working for Nonprofits Engaged in the Fight Against Disease


It's no secret that changes in philanthropy are creating new challenges for nonprofits. As part of our request for information for our February 2001 Spotlight Article, GuideStar asked nonprofits dedicated to fighting disease if they had changed the way they do business. Some 56 said they had.