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Making Your 990 Work for You


Do governmental forms give you the willies? Does preparing or reviewing your organization's IRS Form 990 strike terror into your heart? Don't despair. All you need is a little assistance and a new way to look at the forms.

The Many Uses of GuideStar


In December we asked newsletter readers which activities they used GuideStar for most often. Most respondents (77.5 percent) indicated that they used GuideStar mostly to access Forms 990. But besides accessing Forms 990, how else do people use GuideStar?

A Global View of Philanthropy


How to Make Your Form 990 Work for You


Online Fundraising: Some Do's and Don'ts


So you want to raise some money on-line. The Internet is the new fundraising frontier for nonprofits, a largely unmapped country full of untapped resources and legendary stories of success. There are some tall tales out there and a few lurking dangers, too, but with hard work and a little common sense the results can be quite gratifying.

Introducing Lee Glenn


GuideStar welcomes Lee Glenn as vice president, sales and marketing. Lee's role will include responsibilities for the development of next-generation products and services to meet the growing needs of GuideStar's current and future clients.

GuideStar Surveys—Share Your Experiences with the World


Thanks to everyone who participated in GuideStar's survey last November. You made it possible for us to answer the question, "How is the economy affecting the nation's nonprofits?" More than 200 media outlets reported the results.