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Thank you: NASCONet Support


GuideStar would like to thank the more than 1,600 nonprofits that expressed their support for NASCONet, a proposed collaboration between GuideStar and the National Association of State Charity Officials (NASCO).

Should Nonprofits Coordinate Fundraising Efforts?

In a perfect world, many Newsletter readers believe, nonprofits would work cooperatively and combine resources. Many of these same people, however, acknowledge that we are not living in a perfect world.

The Best Reference Resource in American Philanthropy

GuideStar data is unique. Nobody else offers the wealth and depth of information that is the GuideStar database. Best of all, all of this data on nonprofits is available in various packages on our Web site, ready for easy consumption. Whatever your information needs, chances are we can meet them. We make it our mission to revolutionize philanthropy with information. Excited yet?