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From the President's Office, February 2009

Dear Friend:

Grants That Work

Many nonprofits may be searching for additional grant revenue to replace some funding that is being cut. Here are some suggestions for looking at new grant opportunities. These strategies work for foundation grants as well as government grants and contracts:

The Most Important Part of Your Strategic Plan

Trust is at a premium.

Public skepticism regarding institutions and organizations of all kinds is at an all-time high. Trust, which many once took for granted—especially with respect to some of our most venerated for-profit, nonprofit, and government institutions—is now at a premium.

I travel around the country conducting workshops on organizational branding and leadership, mostly for nonprofits. During my presentations I show a slide and preface it by saying, "As simple as this slide appears, it's probably the most important slide I will show you today."

Top Five Ways to Appreciate Your Donors Now

Reprinted from Benevon

Avoiding Common Hiring Pitfalls

There are a number of ways that recruiting and hiring processes can go wrong, and hiring the right people into the right positions is too important to leave to chance. Whether your organization has dedicated human resources professionals or not, there are a number of common hiring mistakes that can be easily avoided.