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How One Organization Made a Difference after the Earthquake in Haiti


Irrational Exuberance


Driving toward Donor Confidence


The New Normal, Continued


Multitasking Philanthropy and Shopping

I went to the supermarket the other day to do the weekly family food shopping and, while I was paying my bill, the checkout clerk asked me if I wanted to make a contribution to a charity. I said no, but I felt a little guilty about it. When I left the supermarket with my bags of groceries, there were kids on the curb asking for contributions to local charities, all of them good causes. When I got home I paid my bills, and my insurance company asked me if I wanted to make a contribution to their nonprofit. I’m not sure what it does. That one was easy to reject; I just didn’t click the box. No human interaction required.

New Tools for Superior Business Results


GuideStar Premium now offers five new features to help subscribers make the most of their experience on GuideStar. These enhancements join GuideStar Premium's people search, organization download, and other tools that enable users to turn nonprofit information into results.

Nonprofits Make the List of Top Problems for the IRS—But Barely!

Each year, the national taxpayer advocate submits an annual report to Congress listing the most serious problems encountered by taxpayers. This year's report, released December 31, 2009, and available on the IRS Web site, identifies, analyzes, and offers recommendations for resolving 21 problems, and only 1—listed as #20 out of the total of 21—is related to tax-exempt entities.

Asking Your Insiders to Give

Reprinted from How to Raise $1 Million (or More!) in 10 Bite-Sized Steps

Make 2010 the Year YOU Start Planned Giving

I have the privilege of writing a series of six articles on planned giving for GuideStar this year. Knowing I have the year-long commitment, I can prepare a meaningful series, rather than a few relevant but unrelated pieces.

Five Challenges Facing Nonprofit Boards

Adapted from smorgasBoard

Haiti Relief Donations Qualify for Immediate Tax Relief

People who give to charities providing earthquake relief in Haiti can claim these donations on the tax return they are completing this season, according to the Internal Revenue Service.

Five Trends that Will Affect Online Fundraising in 2010

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2009 GuideStar Exchange Giveaway Winners

"It's SO nice to be the bearer of great news," commented Karen Rayzor, GuideStar's director of nonprofit relations. She'd just finished calling five nonprofits to tell them that they had each won $1,000 in the 2009 GuideStar Exchange Giveaway.