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Effective Nonprofits Attract (Strategic) Deep-Pocket Donors


How Much Do You Want?

Excerpt from The 11 Questions Every Donor Asks and the Answers All Donors Crave

10 Tips for Keeping Your Board Fired Up and in Action for the Cause

Someone said once, "We all get the boards we deserve." They meant that the more attention we pay to our board and its individual members, the more we'll get out of them.

IRS Updates, May 2010: Health Coverage, Exempt Organization Facts, Workshops and Forums, and UBIT

Reprinted from IRS EO Update 2010-8, April 2, 2010, and IRS EO Update 2010-10, April 29, 2010

For Thousands of Nonprofits, May 17 Is the IRS Deadline to Worry About

Note: The text below has been revised based on clarification from the IRS. The filing date has been changed to May 17, 2010, and a statement about a grace period for filing removed.

Last year, GuideStar warned, "Half a Million Nonprofits Could Lose Their Tax Exemptions." This year, the number is down to 350,000 or 400,000, but the rest of the message is the same: hundreds of thousands of nonprofits are scheduled to lose tax-exempt status because they failed to file annual returns with the IRS.

The Rise of Social Media and the Impact of User Reviews

As the leading provider of user-generated reviews of nonprofit organizations, (GNP) encourages people to rate more than 1.2 million nonprofits directly on our Web site, or on GuideStar.

By collecting feedback from those who have direct experience with nonprofit groups—clients, volunteers, board members, donors, and partners—GNP is in the process of assembling a comprehensive database of stakeholder perspectives for the entire sector.

There are three main types of benefits from user reviews:

  • Nonprofits can improve their effectiveness through feedback from their stakeholders.
    Until recently, most nonprofits did not have a fast, easy way to collect and aggregate stakeholder feedback. By making it easy for stakeholders to provide reviews of nonprofits in the form of nonprofit reviews, GNP enables nonprofits to see quickly and easily what they excel at, and what areas they can improve upon.

  • Reviews help inspire and inform prospective donors and volunteers.
    GNP reviews help donors and volunteers differentiate between nonprofits, find ones that they trust, and feel more confident in donating time or money. This informed approach leads to a more efficient overall allocation of scarce resources among organizations.

  • Reviews level the playing field.
    Relatively small nonprofits operating on a grassroots level can often provide the most appropriate level of service in their communities. GNP reviews provide a free form of viral marketing that allows these groups to compete in finding new donors and volunteers.

GuideStar Green Giveaway Winners

Last month, we invited environmental and wildlife nonprofits that had at least 10 user reviews to enter the GuideStar Green Giveaway. Congratulations to the following organizations, which were selected at random and will each receive $500 from GuideStar:

We'll be doing other giveaways in the coming months. Watch our Web site, the GuideStar Newsletter, and your e-mail in-box for news about upcoming giveaways.

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