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The Nail That Sticks Out


One Woman, Some Motivation, and Lots of Determination

This Saturday I did what thousands of Americans do: I attended a fundraiser for a nonprofit organization. All across America on a typical weekend, hundreds of thousands of people are participating in events to raise money. The list is long and interesting: runs of all sizes and lengths, long and short bike rides, walk-a-thons, bake sales, telethons, and flea markets─to name only a few of the more familiar ones. It’s a great combination of two American virtues: perpetual motion and a passion for wanting to do something useful. After a life time of such events, I’m gradually de-acquiring─ primarily donating─an amazing collection of T-shirts and tote bags from a slew of 10k races and public broadcasting fundraisers in particular.

Highlights of the 2010 GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report

The 10th annual edition of the GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report was released September 23, 2010. Derived from information on 149,608 individual positions at 99,590 tax-exempt organizations for fiscal year 2008, it remains the most comprehensive nonprofit compensation report available and the only large-scale analysis based entirely on IRS data.

The Seattle Foundation Plans Confirm GuideStar’s DonorEdge Model for Community Foundations


IRS Updates, September 2010: Automatic Revocations, Health Care Tax Credit, Flexible Spending Arrangements in 2011

Reprinted from IRS EO Update 2010-20, August 27, 2010, and IRS EO Update 2010-21, September 7, 2010

Board Members Are Not Hypothetical Constructs

Reprinted from Contributions Magazine

"Receptionist" vs. "Director of First Brand Impressions"

I needed to change my flight plans—and dreaded going through the process.

Charity Watchdog Studies Have Merit, Challenges


The DonorEdge Learning Community’s Next Lesson: Funk and Jazz


15 Tips to Help You Raise More Money by Mail

Reprinted from "115 Tips to Raise More Money by Mail"

Compensation Rules for Charities

Did you know that nearly 52 percent—170,568, to be exact (according to the July 29, 2010, IRS master file of exempt organizations)—of charities that file Form 990 and 990-EZ have fiscal years that end in December? Which means it’s budget time for these organizations.

The Day We First Met

Reprinted from Contributions Magazine