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Documenting a High-Performing Organization’s Work-Only Once


How much effort should an organization expend on documenting its good work for prospective donors? That was the question on the minds of participants at an interesting conference held in May by America’s Charities on the campus of Georgetown University. Under the new leadership of energetic Steve Delfin, the conference was an all day analysis of what it will take to increase workplace charitable giving. The story for affiliates of America’s Charities is that giving has continued to increase, but with a trend towards larger gifts from fewer contributors. Changing demographics and the impending retirement of baby boomers were key concerns as well.

Elaborating on the GuideStar Acquisition of Philanthropedia


Building a high performing organization takes finding the right balance. Our customers and users expect rigor and reliability; they depend on us and so we spend a lot of effort to make sure we provide superior customer service and meet expectations. . And yet the world keeps turning. An organization focused only on the present runs the risk of falling behind, failing to provide what users what or missing new opportunities. Change and innovation have also become a big part of our agenda at GuideStar.

Measuring Nonprofit Impact, Part III: A Deeper Look at Philanthropedia's Experts

We hope that our articles these past few weeks (see the list on the right) have given you a better idea of what Philanthropedia is and the value that experts can bring to analyzing the nonprofit sector. You may, however, still have some lingering questions about who our experts are and how we find them.

Three Cups of Tea – Part III


It will take some time to learn if the recent issues concerning Greg Mortensen are the result of the failures of a charismatic founder or something worse. But this whole affair points out the difficulties – as well as the urgency – in finding better ways of understanding nonprofit performance and effectiveness.

Independent Sector Launches New Online Resource Center for Good Governance and Ethical Practice

On April 28, 2011, Independent Sector launched the new online Resource Center for Good Governance and Ethical Practice, a comprehensive collection of tools for nonprofit and philanthropic organizations to enhance the accountability and transparency of their operations and ensure they operate in ethical ways.

Q&A on Engaging the Board in the Development and Sponsorship Process

On April 13, 2011, Kevin Strickland, president of the Not for Profit Group, presented a GuideStar webinar on getting nonprofit boards involved in the development process. The following are questions on this topic that he and his colleagues hear frequently from members of the nonprofit community.

How do I deal with a person on my board who also serves on three other local nonprofits' development committees? I tend to be afraid to give him the names of our key supporters.

Measuring Nonprofit Impact, Part II: The Value of Experts

When people think about where to invest their money, many turn to a financial advisor or an investment firm whose expert staff help individuals make smart decisions. No such resource exists in the nonprofit sector. Community foundations are probably the closest, but usually access to their professionals are reserved for elite, high-net-worth individuals. So, for those of us who want to really be sure that we're supporting the most effective and impactful nonprofits, even with only $100 or $1,000, getting expert advice can be a challenge.

Nonprofits and Social Media Webinar Follow-Up


Comments by Beth Kanter, Partner, Zoetica & Co-Author, The Networked Nonprofit (

We received some great questions on Wednesday during the Q&A Webinar with GuideStar. Below I’ve included some guidelines on developing a Social Media policy for your organization and links to resources on additional topics that were discussed during the conversation.