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Getting Heard


How effectively are your nonprofit’s communications cutting through the clutter?

Social Media for Nonprofits – Chicago 9/27


Is your nonprofit interested in using social media for fundraising, marketing, and advocacy? Hear practical tips and tools from top experts at Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Groupon, Zynga, See3, Community Media Workshop, National Geographic, and more, all while enjoying some great networking with your nptech peers. See full details at:

The Missing Ingredient in Your Major Gifts Effort

Reprinted from the Fired-Up Fundraising Blog

The Need for Action Orientation in Nonprofit Leadership

Peter Sheahan, author of Flip!

Resilience and the Nonprofit Sector

I’ve had some interesting reactions to my blog on the need for high-performing nonprofits to be capable of “adapting” and about our Agile approach to software development, where we learned to plan/adapt/plan/adapt rather than just focusing on making plans. (A special word of thanks to Lyssa Adkins, our Agile training coach; she has a great website:

A Few Things I Learned On My Great Cross-Country Adventure


When I first heard the suggestion I was skeptical.

My oldest son, Patrick, interned this summer at eBay and PayPal – both headquartered in San Jose – and when he first proposed that I drive home with him cross country to Washington D.C., all I could think about was all those miserable five hour cross-country plane rides. Why would someone voluntarily subject themselves to a six-day trip? But as we began to talk about sharing geography and history, experiencing food adventures, and having the opportunity to visit GuideStar’s community foundation partners in cities across the country, I was reminded of Paul Theroux’s advice to focus on the journey and not the destination, and so off we went.

Nonprofit’s #1 Fear about Social Media: Someone Makes Us Look Bad


The New, Improved GuideStar Exchange

We just made it easier for nonprofits to update their profiles on our site and earn the GuideStar Exchange Seal. Based on feedback from the thousands of organizations that have already updated, we have enhanced the process in three key ways:

New High-Impact Nonprofits Identified: Animals, At-Risk Youth, and People with Disabilities

Philanthropedia (at GuideStar) has just released research results identifying high-impact nonprofits working with animals, at-risk youth, and people with disabilities.