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Building the plane while flying

Lucy Bernholz presents at the DonorEdge Learning Community 2012 Annual Meeting

Nonprofit Messaging Survey 2012

The following is a guest-post by Nancy E. Schwartz, publisher of the Getting Attention blog and e-newsletter, and president of consulting firm Nancy Schwartz & Company.

The Role of Community Foundations in the Philanthropic Marketplace

Donor Edge Learning Community Annual Conference

My podcast about how foundations can increase impact

Henry Berman

DonorEdge Learning Community Gathers to Share Ideas

The following is a guest post from Usma Ziard and Diana Hand, GuideStar’s senior director and senior manager of marketing, respectively.

Follow-up to Online Fundraising and Social Success Webinar

Below is a follow-up by Katya Andresen, COO and chief strategy officer of Network for Good, to a handful of questions submitted by participants during the May 16, 2012, webinar, “Supersize My Online Savvy: Surefire Steps to Fundraising and Social Success.” To view Katya’s presentation or listen to the recording of the webinar, please click here.

Best Practices for Volunteer Orientation

Reprinted from VolunteerHub

Make Trust the Foundation of Your Covenant

I'm the father of two sons who are now in their twenties and turning into fine young men. When they were younger, however, I used to call them Butch and Sundance because they always tried to stay one step in front of the law—and that was me!

How Can I Be Effective at Asking If I'm Not a Stereotypical Salesperson?

Paul Jolly Interviews Andrea Kihlstedt about Asking Styles

When I was a young fundraiser, it delighted me to contradict the stereotype of the fundraiser as a gregarious glad-hander. My "secret weapon" was that I was a very good listener.

The Top 3 Mistakes Non-Profits Make in Fundraising

Joe Garecht

How do you depict your nonprofit’s mission?

Asking for Donations: When Does “No” Mean “No”?

The following is a cross-post by Amy Eisenstein, author, speaker, trainer, and owner of Tri Point Fundraising, a full-service consulting firm.

Who's in Charge of Communications These Days?

A decade ago, a typical nonprofit staff person with "communications" in his or her job title would have spent much of his/her time writing press releases and facilitating media coverage. As things happened at the organization, a communications staff person was briefed so he/she could write something about it for the newsletter, annual report, etc., or pitch a story to a journalist. It didn't matter if communications staff members weren't a part of the original discussion, as they were the people who had time to read, edit, and approve whatever was written before it was released. Stories moved at a generally slower pace, and in most cases there was time to get the voice right before anything went out.

Insights from the IRS on Nonprofits—What's New

In a recent speech, Lois Lerner, director of IRS Exempt Organizations (EO), shed some light on current issues for the IRS staff. Some of her comments should be of great interest to all nonprofits.

Four Ways to Make Your Grant Appendix Shine

Whether you're an established organization familiar with the grant process or you are a new nonprofit venturing into the state or federal grant writing realm for the first time, chances are you're overwhelmed by the amount of information requested by the funder—and the herculean efforts it can take to gather everything by the deadline. Narratives and budgets are critical elements, but just as crucial in importance—and sometimes overlooked—is your proposal's appendix. "How in the world can I gather all of this information in such a short period of time?" you may ask. "What happens if I’m not able to obtain all the necessary components before the deadline?" There's one simple answer: your grant will not be selected for review, and all the sweat equity and sleepless nights you and your staff have invested in the project will be for naught. Following are four "Do's and Don'ts"—some basic, helpful tips to ensure your application is in A+ form—elements that will make or break your proposal.

Philanthropy’s New Normal

The following is a cross-post of the CTK Blog, written by Bunkie Righter, a business development director at GuideStar. You can find the original post here.