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Farewell, GuideStar Blog. Welcome, Candid Blog.

Sometimes, a blog editor has to state the obvious: combining organizations takes a tremendous amount of work. Since Foundation Center and GuideStar joined forces last February, there’s been a lot going on behind the scenes. Tomorrow you’ll see some of the fruits of these labors when we launch a new As part of that launch, we’re retiring the GuideStar Blog and replacing it with a new one, the Candid Blog.

Maximizing Your Nonprofit’s Impact on Facebook

If you manage a nonprofit organization’s Facebook page, there are almost certainly days when you feel frustrated and overwhelmed. I hear you, I see you—and I have some tips and strategies for making your work both easier and more impactful. 

Building a Successful Anniversary Campaign with a Readiness Checklist

When we started teaching our “how to” anniversaries workshop many years ago, we quickly realized that most organizations could use support well in advance of their anniversary year. If there is one key in running a successful anniversary campaign it’s that you should start early.

Goals: The Hidden Professional Development Tool

Too often organizations set goals for team members without realizing the developmental potential this practice has. A good barometer for how an organization thinks of goals can be found in the goal-review process. Do you leave a goals review feeling reinforced and reinvigorated with what you’ve accomplished and have before you, or is reviewing your goals somewhere between the Inquisition and being called to the principal’s office? Writing goals is an immensely powerful process that can help you accomplish amazing things, but you may have to help your organization appreciate the value of the process. Here are some tips that may help.