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Using Technology as a Fundraising Improvement, Not a Distraction

As technology plays an ever-increasing role in every aspect of our lives,
new innovations have also begun to impact the nonprofit fundraising space. These changes have led some to question technology’s true place in fundraising and fundraising events.

While some may argue that different fundraising technologies can cause distractions for a fundraising campaign or special event, the truth is that when used effectively, technology can vastly improve both the experience of your fundraising event—and your bottom line!

The Ultimate Guide to Fundraiser Sponsorship

Those who have organized a successful fundraiser know the importance of having great sponsors.
Whether your event is large or small, sponsors bring a level of legitimacy to your cause, while also significantly contributing to your proceeds. This combination of increased revenue and added exposure is the key to scaling the size of your fundraiser, year after year. Additionally, a healthy collection of sponsors tells your donors that your fundraising event is worth attending! At this point, you’re probably thinking that bringing in sponsors to your next fundraiser is a no-brainer – and it is! However, the path to attracting and closing many sponsorships can be long and difficult. For that reason, we have created the Ultimate Guide to Fundraiser Sponsorship. In this guide, we will walk you through all aspects of sponsorship, focusing on the key areas below:

The Definitive List of the Best Silent Auction Items


So you need to raise money for your nonprofit. You’ve already updated your GuideStar Nonprofit Profile to the Gold participation level, demonstrating your commitment to transparency to your funders. And now, you’ve decided that the next step towards reaching your goal is to use a silent auction at your fundraiser. You may have even identified a mobile fundraising platform to expand your reach and raise more money.