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Is a Do-It-Yourself Feasibility Study a Good Idea?

Imagine this ...

Your organization is planning a capital campaign to raise $4.5 million for a new building that’ll more than double the number of people you are able to serve.

This will be your first capital campaign. Your board members have little campaign experience and you are all appropriately anxious.

A Cautionary Tale: Not Enough Time to Raise Money

I recently spoke with Nancy, the development director of a small social service organization. Over a few minutes, she outlined for me the things she was called on to do in her job.

Nancy has a problem that you probably have too.

The Right Way to Prepare for a Donor Conversation

Nick Fellers’ first rule of fundraising is “Just Ask!”

Eavesdropping: A New Way to Make Your Case for Support

Having trouble figuring out how to communicate the impact of what you’re planning?

I’ve found a great new exercise to help you understand and communicate in a compelling way the impact of your capital campaign. It’s a simple idea. But like some simple ideas, it’s powerful.

Stop Using These Three Common Fundraising Phrases

In my last post on the language of fundraising, I suggested changes to the way we talk about asking for gifts. In doing the research for that post, I received several suggestions from colleagues about getting rid of common fundraising jargon.

Have You Hit Anyone Up This Week?

Have you hit anyone up this week?
Have you twisted arms? Have you called in the big guns to help you lean on your best targets?

This is, after all, the height of the fundraising season, and you need their money to make your fundraising goals.

5 Capital Campaign Strategies to Energize your Annual Campaign

Do you ever wish you had a new way
of thinking about your annual fundraising? Does it feel tired and old? We’ve got some suggestions for you taken right out of the capital campaign play book that we’ve seen work again and again. Warning, capital campaign fundraising is not same old, same old business as usual. Instead, it's exciting and demanding and special. That’s what makes it work. So if you want to jump-start your annual fundraising using campaign strategies, you’ve got to be willing to try some new things.

5 Capital Campaign Strategies for your Annual Fund.

Here are five capital campaign strategies we think can be very effective for your annual fundraising this year:

Capital Campaign Basics: 7 Steps to Success

For the past couple of months,
I've been working with Margaret, a musician and composer, who is working to raise $15,000 for a performance of her composition in New York next year.

Ask Andrea: "High Roller" Donor Tactics

Welcome to the final installment in the 2015 Ask Andrea series. In the new year, instead of answering your questions, I will publish my most in-demand blog posts on capital campaign fundraising.

Ask Andrea: Build a Volunteer Program to Boost Your Fundraising?

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