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Turning Leaders into Learners

A few months ago, Phil Buchannan of the CEP had an interesting blog exploring the career trajectories of the current CEOs of the 100 largest foundations – a job Phil calls “the very juiciest of the plum philanthropy jobs.” He reports that his researchers found that the majority – 60 of the 100 CEOs – came from outside foundations. Only 21 were promoted internally – that is, their previous position was as an executive at the same foundation where they now work as CEO. The rest came from a variety of backgrounds, but were certainly not insiders.

The Role of Community Foundations in the Philanthropic Marketplace

Donor Edge Learning Community Annual Conference

My podcast about how foundations can increase impact

Henry Berman

Getting out of Washington to learn what really matters

The news here – most of it political – is unrelentingly sour: no budgets, no agreements on deficit reduction, charges and counter charges about regulation, and an unwillingness to compromise on any issue of substance. The Republican presidential primaries are adding to the depression. To hear them talk, our country is near collapse and it’s all the fault of the president, misguided policies and over-regulation. TV is no place to escape either since we are constantly bombarded with special interest advertisements reminding us about how our government has put us on the road to ruin.

Building Bikes for Children

I am presenting today at the International Corporate Citizenship Conference hosted by the Boston College Carroll School of Management’s Center for Corporate Citizenship. Yesterday Intel sponsored an opportunity to build bikes which will be donated to a nonprofit that will give them to poor children. Great idea. Check out the pictures from the event below:

It’s About the Journey

Bob Ottenhoff

The Glacial Pace of the Nonprofit Sector

Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup

Is the influence of the “One Percent” good for the world of philanthropy?

Raymond Offenheiser, President of Oxfam America

Nonprofit stockholders?

Charles and David Koch, courtesy of

Are 501(c)(4) nonprofits created merely to hide from public inspection?

The Associated Press reported on Thursday that many within the tea party, as well as other conservative groups, are claiming that the Internal Revenue Service is taking too long to award them tax-exempt status.