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What Can Tell You About Nonprofit Legitimacy

I’ve talked before about our new Quick View summary on our nonprofit reports, and today I want to focus on the section dealing with legitimacy. Check out my video here:

How Jimmy Carter Can Inspire the Nonprofit Sector

Russell Family Foundation

Capitalism in crisis: Lessons continued

I’ve been writing about what we in the nonprofit sector can learn from the ongoing debate about the value of private equity. Just to underscore there is a nonprofit for every occasion, POLITICO reports that the Private Equity Growth Capital Council (PEGCC), a 501c6, has launched “Private Equity at Work,” a new initiative aimed at educating media, policy makers and the public about the private equity industry, including videos and an advertising campaign.

The Power of the People

I have believed for a while that the feedback of real people is an important source of data when evaluating the work of a nonprofit organization.

Capitalism in crisis: Lessons for the nonprofit sector

Bob Ottenhoff interviews for Money for Good II

Our focus on impact

It’s no secret that GuideStar has long been at the forefront of the discussion on nonprofit transparency and accountability, and now we’re taking a hard look at the issue of nonprofit impact. We partnered with Independent Sector and BBB Wise Giving Alliance on the Charting Impact initiative, which I’ve blogged about before.

The Nonprofit CFO

Nonprofit CFO of the Year Award luncheon

Announcing the new format to our nonprofit reports

Click here to see my video about the new and improved design of our nonprofit reports, with revitalized, comprehensive, and detailed information that focuses on impact and advances transparency to help people who research nonprofits make better, more educated, and more confident decisions. For an example of this new format, visit GuideStar’s own nonprofit report:

Musings on leadership from reading the news

As leaders, we quickly learn that much of the success of our organization depends on our abilities to attract, motivate, inspire and retain skilled, committed people. Several newspaper articles over the last week gave me some special insights into how to do it right. From Ahmet Ertegan and Tom Friedman I learned that trusting in our people to do the right thing is essential. Walter Isaacson used lessons from Steve Jobs to point out the critical role of intuition and attention to the needs of customers. Ross Douthat reminds us that leaders have much to be humble about.

What I learned talking to more than 30 reporters in a month

I’ve spoken to more than 30 print, radio and TV reporters during the last month talking about charitable giving. A few issues stand out as we head into the home stretch of the giving season: