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Free nonprofit information available

In March I posted about the new way you could search comprehensive charity information and even integrate a due diligence tool into your website or product, thanks to our new suite of APIs.

What the rating services should really tell us

The need for data and information about our sector has never been more pressing. The need for multiple layers of information distributed in a myriad of ways by a great number of platforms and processes is here. It’s now.

Comprehensive nonprofit data and information: There’s an API for that

I am thrilled to announce that GuideStar has a new suite of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)! This means:

Why GuideStar is Not a Charity Watchdog


For many years, I have been speaking on behalf of GuideStar on the subject of charity watchdogs and the inherent problems with them as a gauge for “good” or “bad” charities. During this time, GuideStar has often been characterized as one ofthose watchdogs or ratings services. As an employee of GuideStar for the past 13 years, I am very familiar with its programs and am consistently baffled by this characterization. GuideStar has never assigned “star ratings” or told people which charity is good or bad. Nor do we advise people to give to one nonprofit over another—that’s not what we’re about.

Philanthropy’s New Normal

The following is a cross-post of the CTK Blog, written by Bunkie Righter, a business development director at GuideStar. You can find the original post here.