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Courtney Cherico

Courtney Cherico

Courtney Cherico is GuideStar’s content marketing associate. She manages their many social media channels, including this blog.

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Thank you for sharing your #Nonprofitluv

Thank you to all of the nonprofits and donors who participated in GuideStar's 3rd annual #Nonprofitluv campaign! Explore our Storify of collected images and social media shout-outs here. I encourage everyone to take a look at the great work nonprofits are doing all across the country! Hundreds of nonprofits participated, and according to SimplyMeasured, our campaign reached a total of 554,264 potential impressions, which is the total number of times a Tweet could appear in users’ Twitter feeds during the report period. That's a lot of luv! Below are some highlights from campaign, which ran January 28th to February 16th. Check out our Storify or visit GuideStar's #Nonprofitluv landing page to see them all!

Celebrate your #Nonprofitluv this February with GuideStar

Each February, GuideStar strives to let nonprofits across the country know just how much we appreciate what they do. That’s why we want to hear from nonprofits like yours that are high-performing and doing great work as they use data to drive their impact-making decisions. Let’s rise together to spread a very extraordinary message across social media this month through GuideStar’s third annual #Nonprofitluv campaign!

When Storytelling Isn’t Enough

A lot has been written about storytelling this year – from articles calling it the Biggest Business Skill of the Next 5 Years to foundations creating tool kits and resource centers focused on nonprofit storytelling.

Web Forms Are This Year’s Santa’s Little Helpers

Year after year December is the prime time of months when it comes to charitable contributions. Report findings show that December is held accountable for 17.5% of yearly donations, and let’s not forget, Giving Tuesday is just around the corner. Therefore, it’s clear that for nonprofits this is the busiest time of the year and making the most out of it is a must.

Good strategy needs sound data: response to ‘Strategic Philanthropy for a Complex World’

The following is a cross-post of an article by Angela Kail that first appeared on Latest from Alliance, the blog of Alliance magazine. To read the original post, click here.

Super Short is Super Sweet: Storytelling that Hooks Digital Donors

The preceding is a cross-post of Jim Lynch of TechSoup’s September 17th guest post onKivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog. To read the original article, click here.

The Overhead Myth meets your Overhead Reality

Like more than 3,000 of you, and countless others who nodded their heads in vehement agreement, I signed the Overhead Myth petition 18 months ago. We are united in our belief that it is short-sided to draw conclusions about our work when watchdog groups, funders, and donors simply divide our expenses by our revenue to assess our impact. For its part, the Myth perfectly framed what we have all thought – and gave it a megaphone.

Listening to Feedback Improves Fundraising Results for Nonprofits

WebThriftStore recently released a completely redesigned website and mobile shopping experience based on the valuable feedback collected from many charity partners and their supporters. The website’s new, totally streamlined design is a perfect example of how charities and the companies providing complementary fundraising services can work together to improve the experience for everyone.

WebThriftStore allows any nonprofit to open an online thrift store for free with no risk or physical inventory. Charities encourage their supporters to donate goods online, WebThriftStore sells the goods in our online marketplace, and supporters receive tax write-offs for the sold value of their items.

Because it’s a completely online platform, WebThriftStore depends on its nonprofit partners and their loyal supporters to provide feedback and opinions about their experience and make suggestions on improvements. This feedback is gathered in the form of conversations with charity executives, email exchanges, surveys, website feedback forms and unsolicited questions and ideas. Nonprofit partners recommend improvements. We listen and then act on them. Everyone wins.

The result is that new features and upgrades to our platform have been realized, including our simplified checkout process, now featuring PayPal. Other enhancements like streamlined searching and browsing, as well as faster performance across the entire platform, prove that listening to partner feedback is critical to the success of both our venture and all of the nonprofits that we serve.

In any partnership, communication is key. At WebThriftStore, we have learned that considering our partners’ needs and acting on what we hear is among the most valuable actions that any business supporting charities can take.

Find Out More

Please contact us for more information about how partnering with WebThriftStore can provide a complementary way for their support bases to contribute to the causes about which they care so much.

The preceding is a guest post by By Michael Sher, WebThriftStore Board Member.

Throwing in the Towel

The following is a cross-post from Philantopic's May 7th blog post. To view that original article, click here.

Four Fun Ways to Show Donors Your Heartfelt Thanks

As many managers of non-profit organizations know all too well, getting someone to donate for the first time can be difficult. But getting them to give a second or third time is even tougher. Researchers who looked at a group of 1.8 million donors found that only around 43 percent of them gave money to the same group two years in a row, Urban notes. In many cases, these generous souls are probably still donating money — it might just be to a different cause. NPEngage also notes that getting repeat donors can be tricky; the typical non-profit organization in the United States will not see about 70 percent of people again after their first donation. In addition, only about 10 to 15 percent of people will make five annual donations in a row.