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Stop Looking Forward. Start Looking Back.

Nonprofits need money. Always. Every day. Every minute. So, how are you going to get it? Another campaign? More major donor calls? Regional galas?? That crowdfunding thing? Hit up local businesses?

Man, I’m tired already. It can be really hard to avoid jumping right into the next thing immediately after you finish that other thing, especially when funding is tight. But I’m here to tell you. There’s something else.

Building a Donor Base from the Ground Up

Nonprofits tend to go for the big money—primarily grants and major gifts—when building their development program at the start. Then, at some point, many find they need to diversify their funding sources by building an individual giving program that targets lower-capacity donors.

The idea of building a donor base from scratch can leave a lot of fundraisers (neophyte or not) feeling overwhelmed. But with reasonable investments and consistent efforts, any nonprofit can get there. Let’s break it down ....

Stop Looking at How Much You Raise

This might sound radical to many fundraisers, but here’s my top recommendation for 2017: Stop looking at how much you raise.