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Three Tips from a Fundraising Master

Fundraising is often described as a profession that finds you—those with a passion to help others, to make the world a better place, and who take the time to listen. Harnessing that passion, what are the ingredients to make a good fundraiser great? What keeps them inspired?

What Would You Ask the World’s Most Successful Fundraisers?

As we prepare to launch the Nonprofit Fundraising Masters conference series in Silicon Valley on 7/27 and San Francisco on 10/19 and share the secrets of some of the world’s most successful fundraisers with a live audience of nonprofit professionals, I’ve been debating what questions to ask these leading luminaries.

How to Double Online Giving in Six Months

More and more nonprofit donations take place in today’s digital landscape, but how can causes ensure their online storefront is not only open for business, but optimized?

As I explored this critical issue in my new book, Nonprofit Fundraising 101, I interviewed Roderick Campbell, the CEO of nonprofit fundraising platform CommitChange. He shared a few takeaways from their efforts to maximize digital donations for Mercy House, a $3.8M nonprofit that has provided housing and support to California’s homeless since 1989.

Special GuideStar Discount: Social Media for Nonprofits Tours Seattle 10/14, SF 11/4, Atlanta 11/17 & NYC 1/30

Building on the success of five sold-out conferences in San Francisco, New York City, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Chicago, Social Media for Nonprofits is heading to Seattle this Friday, 10/14. From there, the tour heads to San Francisco on 11/4, Atlanta on 11/17, and finally New York City on 1/30/12.

Top 10 Fundraising Tips

Compiled from Darian Rodriguez Heyman, ed., Nonprofit Management 101: A Complete and Practical Guide for Leaders and Professionals