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Stop the Stopgap Measures! Taking a Long-range View toward Fundraising and Creating a Plan That Fulfills It

Raising money is a constant, enormous task for most nonprofits. In a survey last year of GuideStar's Newsletter readers, nearly half of you (46 percent) said this was your greatest challenge. Perhaps it is time to take a step back from the day-to-day operation (and bills) of your organization and focus on the horizon. Rather than spending your time on the frustrating struggle with the "annual fund," would it not be better to use that effort to develop a multi-year, comprehensive fundraising plan that would meet all of your needs through longer-term, perhaps even five-year, commitments? Those who take the time to create a vision, assign dollar goals to carry it out, and send forth energized volunteers to excite donors will find this a much more efficient approach than scrambling to make ends meet. What better way to impress and motivate current donors and attract new ones than to show them your thoughtful, integrated blueprint for your organization's future?