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GuideStar Exchange June 25 Webinar Follow-up Questions

Below is a follow-up by Erinn Andrews, GuideStar's Senior Director of Nonprofit Strategy, to a handful of questions submitted by participants during our June 25th, 2014 GuideStar Exchange Demonstration Webinar. To view the presentation or listen to the recording of the Webinar, please check here.

Follow-up to NEW GuideStar Exchange Webinar

Transparency – it’s one quality that donors, funders and other stakeholders are looking for in a nonprofit and it’s something that nonprofits are striving to achieve. Making information accessible and easy to share isn’t always a simple task, however. With this in mind, we recently overhauled our GuideStar Exchange program to better align with the information our research indicates donors and funders are looking for, and to make it easier for nonprofits to showcase their commitment to transparency. This overhaul included a new tiered program structure, new benefits for participation, a new, easier platform to update information, and many other features.

Five Reasons You Should Be a GuideStar Exchange Participant

Reprinted from the GuideStar Blog

5 reasons you should be a GuideStar Exchange participant

There are myriad reasons you should consider joining the GuideStar Exchange program, the only program of its kind that encourages nonprofit transparency on a national scale and allows nonprofits to supplement the public information that is available from the IRS, but I’ll only touch on five here:

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The following is by Erinn Andrews, GuideStar's senior director of nonprofit strategy.

Measuring Nonprofit Impact, Part IV: Philanthropedia's Survey Process

We hope our previous articles (see the links in the right column) have been helpful in explaining the value of expert reviews of nonprofits. Now we'd like to tell you more about Philanthropedia's actual survey process: what questions we ask and how we conduct our research.

Measuring Nonprofit Impact, Part III: A Deeper Look at Philanthropedia's Experts

We hope that our articles these past few weeks (see the list on the right) have given you a better idea of what Philanthropedia is and the value that experts can bring to analyzing the nonprofit sector. You may, however, still have some lingering questions about who our experts are and how we find them.

Measuring Nonprofit Impact, Part II: The Value of Experts

When people think about where to invest their money, many turn to a financial advisor or an investment firm whose expert staff help individuals make smart decisions. No such resource exists in the nonprofit sector. Community foundations are probably the closest, but usually access to their professionals are reserved for elite, high-net-worth individuals. So, for those of us who want to really be sure that we're supporting the most effective and impactful nonprofits, even with only $100 or $1,000, getting expert advice can be a challenge.

Measuring Nonprofit Impact, Part I: Spotlight on Philanthropedia

With GuideStar's recent acquisition of Philanthropedia, some of you may be wondering what exactly Philanthropedia does. We'd like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you more about our work.