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How Funders Reduce “Nonprofit Starvation” with Tech Funding & Data Best Practices

Between the oft-cited “nonprofit starvation cycle” and a movement to debunk the “Overhead Myth” that holds many in philanthropy back from supporting nonprofit operational expenses, it can feel like the state of nonprofit funding today is grim.

We think that powerful examples of best practices can help turn the tide. So let’s talk about what’s going right. Some leading funders are increasing nonprofit capacity and supporting critical operations in key ways. 

6 Tips to Get Buy-In for your Data Management Project

Data management solutions can enable you to better track the contact, organization, and program information you need to be successful, and streamline key processes like donations or communications. It’s an all-too-common scenario… you know that a data management solution could help your nonprofit, but need to convince your leadership. Where do you start? What should you focus on?