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Getting a Holistic View of Financial Health and Sustainability

Today’s funding environment is becoming increasingly competitive. Navigating to, and staying on, the pathway for success can be a confusing journey.

That’s why GuideStar partnered with Sage Intacct, the innovation and customer satisfaction leader in cloud financial management software, to launch the Nonprofit Financial Board Book. This new tool is a powerful dashboard that gives nonprofit organizations a holistic view of their financial health.

Less Paperwork, More Impact: GuideStar for Grant Applications

Welcome to a world of streamlined grant applications. Today, GuideStar for Grant Applications (G4G) is changing the way the philanthropic sector manages information so processes are more efficient and reliable.

How to Give with Your Head & Heart in 4 Easy Steps

Last week while I was on my way to grab lunch here in Washington, D.C, a nice gentleman in a blue polo approached me. He identified himself with Charity X and started to methodically solicit a donation from me for his organization. “Without your support, our [beneficiaries] won’t be able to [benefit.] Won’t you help?”

Ice Cream Sundaes and Why Good Data Matters

The last time GuideStar attempted to make a video, YouTube was still an infant. That video included scenes of a soap opera production set sans camera and, quite amazingly, a young lady sticking her head into an ice cream sundae. (Don’t believe me? See the screenshot below.)

Center for Responsive Politics Receives Knight News Challenge Award from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation


We are excited to participate in this collaborative effort with the Center for Responsive Politics, and are hugely grateful to the Knight Foundation for generously providing funding to research this important topic. By combining CRP’s expertise in nonpartisan money-in-politics data with GuideStar's extensive information on nonprofits, we hope to expand the amount of political financial information available to donors and illuminate the topic of dark money. ~ Gabe Cohen, Media and Outreach Manager, GuideStar

Honoring Nonprofit CFOs

The Nonprofit CFO of the Year Awards honor financial professionals who have made extraordinary efforts to support and maintain the mission of their organizations, often creating innovative ways to do so. This annual event recognizes and honors the contributions of nonprofit financial executives who demonstrate a vision for operational excellence, innovation in finance and management, and exceptional leadership and commitment to improving accountability and financial reporting. The CFO Awards recognize the often unsung leadership role CFOs have in the important works nonprofits do, working generally behind the scene as a key supporter of the executive director, to keep the organization moving forward.

Pouring Lukewarm Water on the #IceBucketChallenge

It starts with a nagging muscle cramp. And then there’s a twitch in your leg that won’t go away. Weeks later you notice that half your body is inexplicably weaker than the other half. Soon thereafter your breathing becomes labored. You go see one doctor, who sends you to another doctor, who sends you to yet another doctor. After a myriad of tests rule out other possible causes, you are diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Statistically, you will be dead within three to five years, but within a year there is a good chance that you will be trapped inside your own permanently frozen body. You will be able to think clearly, move your eyes, and control your bowels but beyond that you will have no function of your legs, arms, feet, hands or any other voluntary muscle systems.*