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Building a Stellar Grants Committee

Here’s a question for you:

Do you struggle with having enough time and/or staff to research, write, and submit grant requests?

Oh, wait! Let me answer that for you:

Yes, yes you do.

Now that we have clarified the issue, let’s talk about what can be done to address it.

Some Early Answers

I recently wrote about collaboration, one of the most discussed words in the field of philanthropy these days, right up there with transparency and administrative cost control.

Partner Down

It seems collaboration is one of the most-discussed words in the field of philanthropy these days, right up there with transparency and administrative cost control.

But is forming a collaborative partnership for everyone? Even though I am a strong proponent of building collaborative efforts, I would argue that it is not.

Today’s Grantmakers: A Roller Coaster of Changes


The field of philanthropy is evolving quickly, and the challenges for those who are deeply imbedded in grantmaking, or for those of us who are on the fringes, have never been greater. I believe nonprofit organizations, large or small, have to consciously rethink their assumptionsabout grantseeking, and explore new ways of approaching grantmakers, if they are to thrive in today’s world. 

Five Tips to Launch Your Grantseeking in 2015

Reprinted from GrantStation

Key Findings from the State of Grantseeking Fall 2013 Survey

Excerpted from State of Grantseeking Fall 2013 Report

  • Over 80% of respondent organizations received awards in the first six months of 2013.
  • The number of award recipients during the first six months of 2013 increased by 21% compared to the fall 2012 survey.
  • In this survey, 31% of respondents reported receipt of larger awards than during the same period in the prior year.
  • Private foundations (28%) were the largest source of total grant funding, followed by federal grants (18%) and state grants (17%).
  • Of survey respondents, 42% stated that grants contributed more than 25% of their annual revenue.
  • Compared to the fall 2012 survey, the median award size decreased by 8%, to $46,000.
  • Funding from all levels of government decreased between 5% and 9% compared to last year, yet government at all levels increased as the source of the largest grant award.
  • The median award size of the largest grant for organizations with government funding was 400% larger than that of organizations with no government funding.
  • Organizations with small annual budgets reported that 69% received an award; over 90% of medium and large organizations received an award in the first six months of 2013.
  • The median largest award size for small organizations was $4,975; medium organizations had a median largest award of $30,000, and large organizations reported a median largest award of $133,500.
  • "Lack of time and/or staff" continues to be the greatest challenge to grantseeking among respondents.
  • Service area impacts grant funding; the median grant size for rural organizations was 27% less than suburban (cluster) organizations and 47% less than urban organizations.

Excerpted from The State of Grantseeking Fall 2013 Report. Excerpted with permission.

The State of Grantseeking Fall 2013 is the seventh semi-annual informal survey of nonprofits conducted by GrantStation and PhilanTech to help illustrate the current state of grantseeking in the U.S.

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